Fashion brands have trained a women's brains over decades to not think of their bodies as 'unique, beautiful beings'. Due to this we think of our bodies in fixed sizes like: small, medium, large and if we don't perfectly fit in any of these, we feel the need to rethink our body type. 
A decade ago there was a revolution, which made things even worse for women. This is what we now call, plus size models and plus size brands! Making women who didn't conform to standardised sizing feel like abnormal outliers. 

Still unsure what it suggests? It means that if your girlfriends, mom, sisters, colleagues are of an unconventional body type or from the sizes almost 98%  brands in the world sell, then they have to shop alone/differently, on websites and in stores, that shout the word, 'Plus Size'. So their convenience adds to nothing as it ends up creating negative associations and for a few even long term embarrassment and loneliness. Hence, defeating the entire purpose of shopping together or alone by shunning anyone who doesn't fit their standards. Shopping is an experience more than a necessity for us women, it can lead to 'pure self love' but only when we are given the freedom to be accepted as we are. 


Which brings us to an age old question, "Do brands really care about us?"
The real answer is, YES, some of them actually do. Hence the revolution of sustainability, fit to size, customisation and recently, size inclusivity. One should not have to change their body and life path to fit into a certain defined size but only to be healthy and at their own pace or will. Isn't that the whole point of dressing up, anyways?
You wear the outfit and the outfit should fit you! 


We understand, it's a huge business challenge for brands. The minimum order quantity given to manufacturers has to be there, it's a bigger loss for small brands with several other issues. But so is a loss to society when for centuries entire segments of women have been ignored by the fashion industry. Brands do not care about women of all sizes, they are continuously making designs for the same set of women. We buy those garments and simply berate ourselves to work harder and fit in the available sizes. 


Let's not fall into yet another trap like '2021 Fashion trends women' or 'Womens Fashion Trends'.  The only focus should be size inclusivity! 
So we can love ourselves, in all sizes.

Live aastey.  
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