Our surroundings reflect our mindset, so a clean and zen environment equals a positive mindset. However, it's not always easy to create this space. 

Here are 7 easy ways to create an oasis of tranquility in your bedroom.

1. Get some plants

Plants help bring in the outside world, into the confines of your four walls. They provide fresh oxygen and aid in better breathing, while also lowering your stress levels.

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picture credits: @brianpuruiz

2. Pastel shades

Having a space dedicated to pastel colours, creates a happy and light atmosphere. It also helps in maintaining a cool temperature overall.

3. Lighting 

Lights are an essential part of our lives since they are a naturally stimulating agent. Hence, the dimmer and softer the light, the more calming it is. Some options to achieve such lighting are candles, fairy lights, Himalayan lamps.

picture credits: @cozyyylilcorner

4. Nature 

Bringing in elements of nature like crystals, salt lamps, wooden furniture, small water features etc. can create an aura of peace and calm. 

5. Seating 

To truly be able to relax, one must be comfortable. This is made possible by using bean bags, soft comforters, fluffy cushions and other various kinds of furniture that make you feel secure and at ease.

6. Stimulate your senses 

A way to live in the moment and clear your mind of clutter is to develop your various senses. Scented candles, flowers, and diffusers are excellent ways to stimulate your olfactory senses. Add some Mozart or Beethoven, and your auditory senses are ready as well.

7. Unplug

Last but not least, unplug. While in your zen space, avoid social media and the internet. Spend some time with just yourself.

While various other techniques can be used to create a zen space, it is also necessary to work on our mindset and learn to be at peace in a variety of situations and places, regardless of the aesthetic. The trick to that, is to start living on your own terms without the fear of judgement. To love and accept yourself, because your opinion is the only opinion that matters.

Like we at aastey say, "stop comparing, start living"