feeling stressed? how about a doc-approved stroll in the park?

hey tribe! we hope you had a good weekend.

we mostly use our weekends to re-energize ourselves, to rest, and be ready for the coming week. but sometimes the monotonous city life can make us feel trapped and exhausted. exhausted from looking at the same walls and the same concrete floors. this is why some doctors in Canada have started prescribing “nature time” to improve people’s mental health and physical health.

how does spending time in nature help?

research shows that spending time in nature can significantly improve your mood, mental health, and emotional well-being. it reduces our stress and makes us feel more in tune with our inner energies. it has also been proven to reduce the risk of psychiatric disorders. not being near to nature is a source of emotional distress for many people living in urban concretized cities who would often take a break and go to the mountains or the forests to have some time in the wilderness.

but nature doesn’t mean just forests or hillside scenery. when it comes to mental health, nature can be any green spaces like parks or blue spaces like rivers and lakes. it can also include trees in urban streets and private gardens. you can also keep an indoor plant to regulate your emotional well-being.

because of these proven scientific findings that link our mental well-being to nature, doctors in Canada have begun to write prescriptions to go have a stroll in the park. In January, Park Prescriptions (PaRx) and Parks Canada announced that they will be encouraging doctors to prescribe passes of the national parks as a form of treatment so that we can tap into nature’s healing abilities,

well, all of us who are not in Canada, should take this as an inspiration and definitely start visiting their nearby parks for some quality healing time with nature and your soul.

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