caught a cold? here are a few home remedies for common cold

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Many Indian homes continue to rely on home remedies to treat common cold and cough. These natural remedies not only quickly heal common colds and coughs, but they also have no negative side effects. Here, we've included a few of these natural remedies that can help you get rid of a cold or a cough during monsoon season in no time!

Vitamin C

The intensity of cold symptoms may be shortened by taking vitamin C. Your immune system may benefit from it, and it might be able to lessen the severity of upper respiratory tract infections. Lemons, oranges, and grapefruits are good sources of vitamin C and can be taken regularly.

Ginger tea

In addition to tasting wonderful, ginger tea is effective in curing cold and cough. The tea aids in clearing mucus from the respiratory tract by drying out runny and drippy noses. Ginger has many health advantages, including its ability to relieve cold symptoms and hasten the healing process.


According to a study, taking zinc supplements helps prevent illness. Zinc can help to increase immunity, which can lessen cold symptoms and perhaps keep you from getting sick. Therefore, consume zinc-rich foods such as oysters, pork, chicken, dark chocolate, sunflower seeds, and others while you are ill.

Mixture of lemon, cinnamon and honey

A combination of lemon, cinnamon, and honey is another successful home remedy for common cold and cough. This syrup successfully treats sneezing.

Milk and turmeric

Turmeric is a crucial component that can be found in almost all Indian kitchens. It has a highly effective antioxidant that aids in the treatment of numerous health issues. A popular and efficient method of treating colds and coughs is to blend turmeric with warm milk. Before going to bed, drink a glass of warm turmeric milk to improve your recovery from a cold or cough.

Spiced tea

When preparing your tea, add tulsi, ginger, and black pepper. This spiced tea is excellent for your health. These three components are essential in the fight against the common cold and cough.


Amla is an effective immunomodulator and combats a variety of ailments. Regular consumption of one amla promotes the liver's efficient functioning and enhances blood circulation, both of which have several positive effects on health.

Jaggery solution

Add black pepper, cumin, and jaggery to water and boil it. You can relieve chest congestion by ingesting this solution when it's warm.

Pineapple Juice

Many people might not be aware, but drinking pineapple juice when you have a cold is a successful home remedy. Honey can be added to pineapple juice. One tablespoon of honey and half a cup of warm pineapple juice are all that are required. Stir it well before drinking.

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