can we cultivate self-love with fashion? yes

hey tribe! how is it going?

we are always being told what and who we should be to fit in, excel, or be better. we have to continuously fight for our identity and the way we want to be without feeling suffocated. but it is hardly so simple when society makes us feel uncomfortable and judged in our own bodies.

research shows that many children in India prefer to live double lives in their families so that they don’t have to go through any family pressure. but is that the right way to live our lives? not looking and sounding like ourselves leads to mental health issues and trauma that restrict our overall growth in life.

here are a few ways that you can cultivate self-love through your own sense of fashion and style.

firstly, we need to stop trying to be someone else and look for a style in which we feel most comfortable. style might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of self-love, but it really helps to build confidence. embrace the moment you are in right now and live for this moment and not an idea of what you might be in the future.

secondly, listen to yourself. look at yourself in the mirror and observe your thoughts. what do you think is lacking in you? if you think something won’t suit you or you won’t be able to carry something, then change that perspective. tell yourself that you will explore something new and do something different. only trying new and different styles will get you where you want to be. assuming that it isn’t for you is just doing yourself a disservice.

finally, be kind to yourself. don’t focus on the parts of you that you think are not perfect. even john legend knows that all imperfections are perfect. you just need to look at yourselves like that. try everything. be it bold or extravagant. you deserve everything and more.

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until next time, live aastey.