can positivity be toxic?

we have all heard the saying “too much of everything is bad” and positivity or happiness pursued the wrong way can become toxic without you even realizing it. the term “toxic positivity” has become a big deal, especially with the pandemic locking us all in.

with everyone trying to find ways to avoid negative thoughts, all we wanted to do was present our best selves. but there is an important thing that most of us forget: we don’t have to pretend to feel good and positive all the time.

life is hard as it is and sometimes its ok to feel down. but if we keep repressing the negative emotions we feel, then we they are bound to harm us eventually. you can’t always just tell yourself, “hey, it could be worse.” this just means that you are not giving yourself time to process your grief, in whatever form it may be.

so next time someone says “cheer up!” or you tell yourself “positive vibes only”, then just take a breath and repeat these mantras to steer clear from all toxicity.

change is slow but, on its way

if you are facing difficulty in combating toxic positivity, then you need to know that change takes time but it will happen. you just need to keep telling yourself that everything doesn’t need to be fine all the time.

your feeling are always valid

repeat this three times in front of the mirror if it works. no matter what you do, try not to invalidate your negative feelings. this is not just for you but anyone around you as well. if your friend is going through a bad day. don’t tell them to “be happy! it’s going to work out.” instead, tell them you are with them and its okay to feel bad about it.

being uncomfortable isn’t so bad

being positive and happy all the time takes a lot of energy but what takes even more energy is allowing ourselves to feel bad. it’s uncomfortable and might be panic-inducing but it’s also the only way to grow and feel more at peace.

so, there you go. the key is to not hide your feelings because everything eventually passes, the good and the bad. take care of yourself and live aastey!