lets bust those pesky myths about women and weightlifting

do you think that women should do weight training exercises? if your answer is no, then think again?

no scientific research says that men and women should have different workouts. but women still tend to avoid weight training and strength training because of misconceptions that they will become bulky.

you know what we like to do. bust those myths that keep you from doing what you want. here are some of the myths related to weight training that all women should stop believing:

women who weightlift get bulky

 one of the most common myths is that if women lift weights, they will become bulkier and gain more weight as well as muscle. but, while this is true that weight training results in muscle mass, you won’t suddenly gain weight after exercising for a week. in fact, research shows that there is no difference between how quickly women and women build muscle.

it just means that if you decide to dabble in some casual weight lifting, you won’t suddenly transform into a giant bodybuilder.

weightlifting is dangerous for women

the sport of weightlifting is often seen as a sport not fit for women and just like many other things in the world, women have proved this theory wrong. there are several amazing women weight lifters. we are always told women are not strong enough for weightlifting.

let’s bust this myth with one simple phrase. you are wrong. trainers say that any sport can be dangerous for anyone, regardless of their gender, if they don’t practice it correctly. so, if you aspire to be a weight lifter, all you need is a good coach and you will be completely safe.

cardio is the only way to lose weight

just as much as weight lifting is marketed against women, cardio workouts are designed to tell women, “Hey! this is the only way you can lose weight.” but, let me tell you girl, you have been lied to. one study found that it would take you an average of 86 hours to lose 1 kg. ahem! is this a joke? nope. no, it isn’t.

weight lifting can burn more calories because it increases our metabolic rate which means that we can burn a greater number of calories, after up to 48 hours of finishing our workout.

so, if you have been looking at those weights from far because you think pedalling away on a bike would get you better results, then you can make this transition without any guilt whatsoever.

lightweights should be your best friends

no, like just no. ever see those ads where the men will be lifting the big dumbbells and the women would be left holding small colourful ones. well, because all women care about are the fancy colours. right?

wrong again.

it is often said that women should stick to lightweight exercises to tone their muscles without getting bulky. just like we said before, there is no scientific evidence of women instantly getting bulkier by lifting heavyweights. research shows that lifting heavy weights will make you stronger or you might just be wasting your time.

there you go, ladies. don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. research, invest in a good coach and you can be as strong as you want. don’t forget, your comforts and your desires should be your priority.
happy lifting! live aastey!