brown: the unexpected diamond in the rough

we know that pantone’s colour for 2022 is the vivacious very peri. but there is one more colour that we need to watch out for. it has all the elegance and the style and is in the line to become the new black. in case you still haven’t guessed it, it’s the good old brown.

fashion brands have been increasingly using the earthy tones of brown for their grounding neutrality, especially when combined with more vibrant colours. many influencers and street style stars can now be seen wearing brown whether they are just styling with an earthy jacket or dressing top to bottom in a gorgeous brown dress.

Experts in the industry say that brown is neutral but also perfect for people who are looking to add a touch of flair to their wardrobe. it acts as a bridge between the conventional neutral look and the possibility of experimenting with so much more.

the colour also has a tone of familiarity. it was very popular in the 90s and makes us nostalgic. brown’s earthy tones make us feel more connected to the earth and create a sense of warmth and security. given what we have gone through in the last two years, people are looking for intimacy and brown gives us that.

here are a few ways we thought of styling this colour:

dynamic textures

the best way to flaunt the versatility of the brown shade is by mixing different textures together. a silky top with ribbed knitted pants can be the perfect outfit.

a dress for all occasions

you could just forget everything and have the perfect night out in a gorgeous brown dress.

we know black is everyone’s favourite but sometimes brown could look much better in a photograph.

knit sweaters

if you are into sweaters, then buy a brown knit sweater that you can style whatever you want. slip on a dress or style with some olive-green trousers. or just style with denim jeans. we guarantee you are going to rock those sweaters no matter what you choose.


brown coats can classy, chic and elegant; all at the same time. so put on a bold brown coat that reminds you of your favourite chocolate treat.

we hope you get something from these tips. style your favourite brown outfit and tag us @liveaastey. we would love to see them.

until next time, live aastey.