best sustainable gifts for Mother’s Day

hey tribe!

it’s Mother’s Day this weekend and we hope you are all enjoying it with your mothers.

many of us might not be with our lovely moms but that doesn’t mean you can’t be there for her. so, let’s celebrate this day with the spirit of sustainability as we always do.

here is a list of sustainable gifts that you can give your mother to not only show your love but also gratitude for nurturing us:

potted house plants

giving flowers has become archaic and it is not a very sustainable act. the flowers will die after being cut from the parent plant. instead, give your mom a houseplant. a touch of green and fresh air will add more beauty in your home than some cut flowers that she will have to throw after a day.

you can also consider giving her a mini-herb garden that she can grow on her window or patio. in fact, you can do this project with your mom to have fun and ensure her a fresh supply of herbs whenever she needs them.

  • sustainable clothes

  • your mom might be looking for some comfy clothes for her daily use or yoga classes. our werk it set is already 80% sustainable and made from a blend of incredibly soft recycled polyester and spandex. get your mom her go-to clothes for yoga or a quick grocery run.

    essential oils

    get your mother some eco-friendly essential oils that she can use in her beauty products and soothe or in a diffuser for a calming and soothing experience. lavender and cedarwood are some of our go-to healing essential oils. what are yours?

  • sustainable jewellery

  • if your mum enjoys aesthetic jewellery, then buy her some beautiful jewellery made from repurposed and recycled materials like plastic. upcycled jewellery is a growing market in India, and you can find some good sustainable brands.

  • vegan candles

  • you can opt for a vegan candle set for your mom if she loves to keep her home cosy and warm. we cannot help but recommend the calming zen candle with its soothing blue lily scent will be the best gift for her. the best thing about it? it is a 100% vegan with recyclable casing.

    escape ticket for a day

    the most important thing our mothers crave is the time to rest and relax. so, why not give her that? gift her a day out to go for a sustainable spa. if your mom loves to cook or paint, then she will love to go for a cooking class or painting class. you can tailor your gift for what she loves and that extra thought will only make her happier.

    a thoughtful message

    finally, you can send your mom a beautiful thoughtful message either electronically or on recycled paper. you can make her a card or print her one. tell her everything that you usually don’t tell her. you all know there will be a lot to say. this can surely be part of any and every gift you give her

    so, there you go, we really truly hope that you had a really special day with your mom and you will continue to be showered with her love at every stage of your life, whether she is with you or not.

    take care! live aastey!