best places to celebrate your new years

finally! 2021 is almost over, and while we all promised and pledged to get back out there this year, it wasn’t exactly as we planned it to be. but a new year is around the corner, and we would be amiss to not plan ahead.

the beaches

if you are a beach lover, then goa is a no-brainer. with parties on beautiful sandy beaches, beach shacks and the most amazing sunburn festival, goa is the ideal destination to have the best new year party.

the splendid beaches of Goa

but if goa is too much for you and a beach is on your mind, then you should go for the timeless puducherry. it is the perfect place to feel at ease with yourself.

if you have already checked off goa and puducherry off your list and are looking for a new place with a beach vibe, then gokarna is not far away. check in and be mesmerised by the beauty of the beaches. if you want to have a quiet celebration with your close friends, then you ought to try this place out.

the mountains and the valleys

if cold is what you want for your new year's soirée, then look no further than the incredible manali. with beautiful snowfall and the thrill of adventure sports, manali is a destination for all. romance, adventure, and natural beauty. you couldn't ask for a better theme for a new year's celebration.

camping in McLeodganj

if you have already been to manali a few times, then change your route just a little and end up in the quiet Tibetan town of mcleodganj. with quaint cafes and a serene atmosphere, you can not go wrong with this one.

if you are in the south and don’t want to travel too far to have a romantic new year, then pack your bags and head on to coorg for a picturesque get-away. sprawling tea gardens and coffee spice plantations could provide a picturesque backdrop for your ideal new year's celebration.

the deserts

beaches and mountains, both might not be your thing. so, make your plans for something like the awesome hot deserts of rajasthan.

the mesmerizing city of lakes

winters are the perfect time to visit the royal deserts of rajasthan. if you are someone who enjoys architecture, the regal culture, and royal food, then jaipur should definitely be on your top five list. udaipur, the city of lakes, is also known as the "kashmir of rajasthan" for its timeless beauty and perfect weather.

it is time to say goodbye to 2021 and hope that the coming year will be full of new adventures and romance. it might not always be perfect, but it is your life to enjoy to the fullest.

have fun and live aastey!