Christmas is finally here! and this year we are trying to stay in just like the last one. as the pandemic still hovers over us, let’s not allow it to dampen our holiday spirit.

so while we might not be able to plan a holiday trip, we could always stay in and watch our favourite Christmas movies and spend some quiet quality time with our family and friends.

on that note, here are some of our favourite picks of the perfect feel-good movies for a weekend binge with your family. but if, for some reason, you are away from your family, you can always watch these movies to keep the warmth alive.

the night before

this Anthony Mackie and seth rogan starrer buddy comedy will be the best way to start with some laughter and a heartfelt portrayal of friendship and love. it will make you reminisce about your old friends, maybe some who have drifted apart but still remain close to your heart in your fondest of memories.

Arthur Christmas

a Christmas tale that is fit for all ages, this animated fantasy movie will take you on a fun ride with Arthur claus, santa’s son. how does a son fill in his father’s legacy? well, the movie will tug on all your heartstrings and will be a hit if you have kids around.


this romantic drama starring the brilliant Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara will make you think of love and all the complexities it comes with. after all it is not easy to love, but there are times you can’t do without it, and those are the times, we all remember.

Bad Santa

if your kids have gone to sleep or you are just in the mood to be a little naughty, then get cosy and watch this raunchy classic. this one is definitely not for the kids.


this 2003 classic is a must-watch for your perfect Christmas evening. witness will Ferrell be a master at his art with his portrayal of buddy the elf. this is our all-time favourite and is definitely recommended if you haven’t already seen it.

hope these movies make your weekend cheerful and full of love and warmth.

merry Christmas and live aastey!