Will you wear Belanciaga's

the internet has recently been buzzing about the new Balenciaga campaign which are a pair of worn-out sneakers which have been deliberately destroyed to achieve a distressed and dirty look. So, lets see why this has stirred up a controversy and why are we talking about it.

this limited edition of sneakers costs around $1,850. The campaign essentially focuses on how these sneakers are meant to be worn for “a lifetime”.  the deliberately distressed sneakers that feature deliberate rips and markings throughout the cotton canvas aims to comment on the climate crisis we are facing currently. then why are people criticizing it

it seems to be unsustainable

manufacturing sneakers and purposefully distressing them does not seem like a very sustainable practice. what we need now is big fashion houses adopting the trend of launching pre-loved and upcycled collections so that it can become more of a norm instead of an exception in the fashion industry.

use of harsh chemicals

its true that wearing worn out clothing is not a new trend. The 90s were known for its ripped jeans and worn-out aesthetic. But producing this fake worn out affect involves harsh chemicals which have a negative impact on the garment workers and the planet as well. the process also takes up more energy and consume more water; everything that is wrong with the current manufacturing process.

no shortage of pre-worn clothes

there has been a resurgence of the deliberately distressed aesthetic in the recent years. but even if companies like Gucci are developing eco-friendlier washing techniques, it seems like a pointless exercise to produce brand new clothes and then deliberately damage them. especially since we have tonnes of pieces of clothing ending up in landfills.

if people want to wear clothes that does not have a brand-new look, then companies should look into capitalizing the upcycling market. that is definitely a more sustainable way to look cool while wearing worn out clothing.

what we don’t need is companies trying to comment on the climate crisis while adding to the problem. what’s the point?
what do you think? should we buy new clothes that look worn out or should we invest in creating a market of already worn-out clothes?

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