Traditionally,  productivity is defined by how much work one can do. Today, this definition feels extremely linear and leaves no scope for improvement. Your productivity shouldn’t be based on numbers. You’re productive when what you're doing makes you feel good about yourself. 

For the past year and a half, we've been fighting the most difficult challenge we’ve ever had to face: a pandemic. In a time when people were fighting to survive, and it wasn’t possible to "produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities". Just being able to wake up every day and will yourself to get through it, is also productive.

While some people were doing courses, others were painting, and Instagram businesses boomed like never before. However, this was a very niche group of people. The rest were just taking one day at a time. Since humans inherently have the need to compare themselves to others, people started feeling worse about themselves and like they weren’t doing enough. 

Who defines this enough? No number of courses or orders is enough. Enough is a relative term that is impossible to define. So cut yourself some slack. Be thankful that you’ve made it this far, mourn for those who didn't. As long as you’re happy and content, you will have an extremely productive life.

Stop comparing and define productivity yourself.

Live aastey