in this day and age, most of us are aware of all the huge problems that the environment is facing, all thanks to us and our practices. climate change, loss of biodiversity and coral reefs, water scarcity, deforestation and plastic pollution are some of the many concerning issues that need our immediate attention. you will be surprised to know that the global fashion industry is one of the significant contributors to human as well as environmental damage. 

the good news is that sustainable brands are coming up to address a lot of the problems caused or contributed by the fashion industry. Sustainability in fashion industry is

 working in so many amazing ways that you and i may not even think of. with an aim to reduce environmental impact and create ethical production, sustainable brands are here to take the fashion industry by storm and are undoubtedly bringing a revolution for the better.

what are sustainable brands?

sustainable fashion brands are the future fashion companies that make fashion available to you in a way that keeps the environment and humanity in consideration. through their practices, they try to reduce their carbon footprint as well as industrial pollution and environmental degradation. they aim at building a system which operates without adding to the negative footprint in the environment. 

sustainable fashion

here are the reasons why sustainable brands are the future of the apparel industry

the fast fashion apparel industry is extremely dangerous for our planet. after oil, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter of the world and is responsible for 20 per cent of industrial water pollution globally. a lot of people will be shocked to know that almost every garment made by a fast fashion brand uses plastic in its manufacturing. this is nothing but a microplastic disaster waiting to happen. 

sustainable fashion

it does not even end here. thousands of harsh and harmful chemicals are used by the textile industry and mills that are dangerous to the environment and humans both. now is the time to opt for more environmentally conscious, sustainable brands because they are the future of the fashion industry for good. here’s why:

  • sustainable fashion brands save natural resources

    as per a 2015 study, the process of making clothes by a fast fashion company uses new resources as their 97 per cent of raw materials. recycled materials account for just 3 per cent. when you add this up to the annual resource input, it comes out to be a whopping 98 million tons. this figure includes oil for the production of synthetic fibres, countless chemicals for dying and finishing the fabrics, and the fertilizers used for growing cotton.

    studies have proven that recycled fibres are a lot more sustainable alternative as they decrease the pressure on virgin resources and also tackle the ever-growing problems of waste management. for example, aastey, a sustainable athleisure brand from india, uses recycled and upcycled materials for making sports bras, track pants, yoga mats, and a lot more.

  • sustainable fashion brands reduce carbon footprint

    it is no news to anybody that the global garment industry releases a huge quantity of greenhouse gases every year. this makes them contribute actively and highly to global warming. the main reason behind this is that a huge majority of the trendy clothes that we love to flaunt are made from petroleum-based substances and fossil fuels. these need a hefty amount of energy for production as compared to recycled or natural fabrics.

    on the other hand, sustainable clothing materials are either recycled or natural and need significantly little to no chemicals for treatment or production. they also use less energy, less water and no pesticides or fertilizers to grow. they are environmentally-safe and sound fabrics which go easy not only on the planet but on humans too.

  • sustainable fashion brands support safe and fair working conditions

    it might sound jarring to you but yes, modern-day slavery is still a thing. countless working hours, nominal wages, prohibiting workers’ unions, as well as unacceptable safety and health conditions, are some of the many harsh realities of most clothing brands in the sector of fast fashion. not only that but many workers are also subjected to verbal as well as physical abuse on a regular basis.

    eco-ethical fashion brands, be it small homegrown businesses or luxury sustainable clothing, usually give humane working conditions, fair wages, and health care to their workers. the working standards here are generally above average as compared to fast fashion companies. a lot of sustainable brands also aim to create economic opportunities for people in dire need, as a means to end poverty and promote employment. they work towards a larger purpose which makes the customers also feel better about their shopping choices. the well-being and health of people involved in making your clothes are as important as saving the planet, right?

  • sustainable fashion brands are healthier for the planet and people

    more often than not, fast fashion garments go through an intense and super-long chemical procedure before they are out for sale. more than 7,0000 synthetic chemicals go into the dyeing, bleaching, and wetting of the garments. these chemicals can lead to serious ailments, diseases and skin allergies. not only that, they are so dangerous that there have been reports of farmers dying on being exposed to these chemicals for longer durations. they can even cause grave birth defects in the farmer’s children.

    as the skin can absorb whatever you put on it, you must be very careful of wearing fast-fashion clothes as that could mean your skin absorbs toxic chemicals. this is not an issue with sustainable fashion meaning that these sustainable brands use as less chemicals as possible, protecting you, your skin, and of course, mother nature. 

the way we dress plays a huge role in our lives and hence, clothing choices are very important to us. now that we know how do industries pollute the environment, it is our responsibility to make more conscious and wiser buying choices. shopping from sustainable brands like aastey will not only be a step towards positive change but also motivate such brands to do better and keep working towards making a positive impact on the environment and the world of fashion too.