are holidays getting a little too stressful? here are some ways to destress

the holiday season is mostly associated with crazy parties, giving gifts, cooking dinners, and spending time with your family. but the holiday cheer can become stressful for many. it can also lead to anxiety and depression because of the overwhelming pressure to be cheerful and happy.

why do we have holiday stress? it is, after all, a time to enjoy and relax. research shows that doing too much could leave you feeling more exhausted than relaxed.

while, meeting friends and your extended family could sound awesome on paper, it can be highly stressful to answer all the questions about your life and your future plans. the holidays can also be tough for those who lost someone dear to them. it can feel more isolating and lead to depression.

so, if you are feeling anxious, the best way to deal with it is to not ignore it. acknowledge what you are feeling. there is just no pressure to look happy and cheerful when you are not feeling it. if you are feeling lonely, talk to a friend and tell them how you are feeling. chances are, they are feeling the same stress and anxiety and sharing it could feel better.

whatever you do, don’t try to set unrealistically high expectations for the holidays. things do not have to be perfect, even if it’s the holidays and finally, if nothing else is working, just take some time out to be with yourself. breathe and take a walk alone or listen to some music.

the key is that you feel comfortable and are present in the moment, with non-judgement and acceptance.

take care! live aastey!