aastey x climes: forging a path for a better tomorrow

sustainable fashion is not a trend but the future and being india’s first sustainable and size-inclusive activewear brand for women, we’ve established a partnership with climes, a climate tech company offering reliable and affordable solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. for us, sustainability is a practice.

as a brand, we place a great deal of value on the concept of eco-friendly fashion and strive to build a more transparent ecosystem. our partnership with climes is a dedication to sustainability which brings us closer to our goal of building a more active aastey tribe, here to live aastey.

our brand values

our brand values have always been sustainability and reducing carbon footprint, and this collaboration allows us to emphasise it and further activate those values. this climate technology company offers carbon neutralisation as a service for consumer brands. the aastey tribe will be able to employ climes' user-friendly and approachable solutions to make a significant contribution to the environment.

by collaborating with climes, we’re blazing a trail in the field of sustainable fashion. we’re moving a few steps forward and offering our customers the choice of carbon neutrality. in comparison to the majority of the fashion business, our products are much more climate friendly and have smaller carbon footprints.

why choose sustainability?

we strongly believe sustainability is now required to participate in the market and as a sustainable brand, we are leading the front in the fight against climate change by offering more choices to our climate-conscious consumers which will help them to shop more responsibly and sustainably.

a simple conscious choice can have a domino effect and make a huge difference. carbon emissions are the real culprits behind climate change. customers who visit the aastey website to make a purchase can view the carbon emissions associated with their order after checking out. customers can choose to make a small donation to initiatives that restore community forests in uttarakhand or make biodiverse forests financially viable for farmers in maharashtra. customers now have the option to shop more sustainably with just one click, furthering the sustainability mission of aastey and climes.

our devotion to sustainability is real and here to stay! 
let’s join hands together and make this world a better place to live.
live aastey