5 eye-opening books about the pitfalls of fast fashion

we are back with some of our favourite picks for our book lovers. this time we have chosen a list of books that will be an eye-opener about the fast fashion industry. after all, you should not take our word when we talk about the disastrous consequences of fast fashion.

to die for: is fashion wearing out the world? by lucy siegle


British journalist Lucy Siegle carefully unfolds and detangles the complex chains of unfair and exploitative labour practices as well as environmentally unsound practices that sustain the fast fashion industry. while tackling the problem, the book also makes a terrific attempt to offer solutions on how to deal with cheap and fast fashion.

clothing poverty: the hidden world of fast fashion second-hand clothes by Andrew Brooks

Andrew Brooks masterfully unravels the hidden and thriving international trade in second-hand clothes which reinforces the power dynamics between the first world and the third world. there are loopholes in the system designed to create inconsistencies, whether it is the charities that encourage donations of unwanted clothing or upcycling. the global south always seems to be dependent on the global north.

overdressed: the shockingly high cost of cheap fashion by Elizabeth L Cline

Elizabeth Cline was among the first journalists to throw light on the poor working conditions of the textile manufacturing industry in Bangladesh before the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka in 2013 that housed five garment factories.  more than a thousand workers were killed in the incident and many more were injured. the book not only discusses the human rights violations in the fast fashion industry but also starts a conversation on how the consumer culture has led to the makings of the existing fast fashion business model; calling for a more conscious fashion lifestyle.

fashionopolis by Dana Thomas

dana Thomas provides another sharp critique of the fast fashion industry with no remorse. she also provides solutions for creating a new and alternative model including innovations like 3D printed clothes, materials grown in labs, and fabric recycling. the book shows us that we do have the capacity to change the system if we wish to do so.

stitched up, by Tansy Hoskins

if you want to deep dive into the economics behind the apparel industry, then stitched up is your best option. we are not the only ones. actress emma Watson picked this book for her ultimate book list. the book poses interesting questions about the fashion industry in relation to the priorities of the capitalist system.

well, those are our picks to deep dive into the world of fashion and its inherent flaws.

happy reading! until next time, live aastey!