aastey picks: 5 feel-good movies to make your weekends better

hey tribe!

how is your weekend going?

there is no shame in accepting that sometimes even the weekends are not enough to cheer us up. the mundaneness of our lives could make us feel stuck and low even when things are going particularly well. you know what we do at times like this, watch a feel-good movie to give us some lift ourselves a bit.

here's a list of mood lifters that you should watch if your spirits need some lifting:

School of Rock (2003)

There is rock, music and the fantastic Jack Black in the role of a rockstar-turned-music teacher that will have you laughing and dancing within 5 minutes into the movie. Dewey, played by Jack Black, nabs a substitute teaching job for money and decides to create a band with his students. while he starts with selfish reasons, he forms a bond with his students. the movie has one of the best soundtracks and a lot of tender moments that will fill your heart with joy.

Zootopia (2016)

Zootopia might be an animated movie, but this Disney feature film is much more than just a movie for laughs. The movie is a social commentary bringing in elements of inherent bias and prejudices in the society even if it seems egalitarian on the surface. the movie mainly follows a young bunny who wants to become the top police officer but is not taken seriously because they are usually seen as meek animals.

Shakespeare in Love (1998)

you will find this movie in almost all the “best romantic movies of all time” lists. It is one of the best in its genre and gives you a fictional take on how Shakespeare might have been inspired to write one of his most famous plays. Gwyneth Paltrow is marvellous to watch and Joseph Fiennes in the titular role is charming as ever.

Amélie (2001)

this French classic is just a delight to watch with Audrey Tautou as Amelie who tries to fix other people’s problems while ignoring her own happiness. there is romance and intrigue mixed with a fantastic soundtrack in the backdrop of beautiful Paris. you just can’t ask for more when it comes to a feel-good movie.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009)

Another delightful animation movie on the list that is just amusing, hilarious and eccentric at the same time. the movie will put a smile on your face with its silliness and heart-warming characters including the gorgeous Sam Sparks who sported glasses way before Disney tried to take credit for it.

this was our list of feel-good movies. tell us which are your go-to movies to feel better on a gloomy weekend?

happy watching! live aastey!