Normally a trip to the pool or the beach should be relaxing but for many of us, it causes the resurgence of severe body image issues and anxiety. 

 live aastey

Sometimes this feeling creeps up even before the actual event - what swimsuit will flatter my body the most? What cover up looks best? How can I most discretely slip in and out of said cover up? Followed by the urge to crash diet and building up of negative associations with ones body. 


The minute I booked my tickets to Goa I begun undergoing very similar thoughts. But sometime between all the packing I decided to simply let go and honestly live aastey. With the goal being to not over think anything and just live in the moment as much as possible because, guess what? Every body is a bikini body! 


So there I was on the beach, in my swimsuit and no cover up in sight, feeling pretty damn liberated! 


The factor that I believed made the most difference was cutting myself off from social media and with it the involuntary comparison to perfect bodies and the urge to post your own body as nothing less than perfect. However as a society we need to normalize that nobody (and body) is perfect so just love the body you have. 


Wether that means rocking a crop top, being unabashed on the beach, choosing to wear that outfit you feel good in or not feeling the need to edit your latest instagram post. Let’s get together and celebrate moments by being fully present while enjoying them and not worrying about how our bodies look. 

 aastey vibe

Tell us about a similar #liveaastey moment you celebrated by being fully present.