5 ways to celebrate the world chocolate day

hey tribe!

July monsoons have greeted us, and we are enjoying every minute of it. we have decide to enjoy this monsoon season with a healthy dose of love for our favourite chocolates. why? because guys it’s the world chocolate day tomorrow and you it will be a sad day if we don’t celebrate it with all the gusto in the world. so, whether you love the bitter tang of dark chocolate or the smooth velvety texture of milk chocolate, you cannot miss celebrating this day.

world chocolate day is celebrated on July 7, every year globally. People gift each other chocolates and partake in making chocolates as well. historians suggest that this was the day when chocolate was introduced in Europe way back in 1550. but we can’t be really sure if it was that exact date. but whether it was introduced on July 7 or not, it has become the day that symbolises the celebration of the deliciously rich creamy miracle that we call chocolate.

here are a few recommendations of how you can celebrate chocolate day tomorrow:

make your own chocolates at home

why buy processed chocolates from stores when you can make some of your own at home. get yourself a chocolate making kit for beginners and if you have kids at home, then make a soiree out of it. whatever may be the result, you will definitely have a fun day dipping in the magic of chocolate making.

gift your loved ones your favourite chocolate treats

share your love for chocolate with your loved ones by sending them some of your favourite chocolates. you can send them your handmade chocolate, or you can look at getting them a chocolate box or hamper with their favourite chocolates in it.

add chocolate to your breakfast

it is the day where everything should be chocolaty then why not your breakfast? start your morning with a delicious hot chocolate or get a freshly baked chocolate croissant from your nearest bakery. go get that sugar rush and spend the rest of the day on a complete high!

try some unusual chocolate flavours…it’s a festival

trust us…you don’t have to limit yourself to just white or dark chocolate. you have a whole world to explore so give in and try some of the most unusual flavours that this world has to offer. who knows? you might even change your favourite chocolate after trying. try something like tabasco spicy chocolate or peanut butter and banana flavoured chocolate. yeah that exists so why not have at i?

visit a chocolate museum

it’s the world chocolate day and what better way to celebrate it than going to a chocolate museum itself. now, we know what you are thinking, “is there any chocolate museum in India?” Well, hell yeah! there is. India’s first ever chocolate museum is in Ooty that is also known for its serene and picturesque beauty. so, pack your bags and take a trip to enjoy the monsoon weather in a magical world of chocolate.

what do you think about our recommendations? let us know how you want to celebrate tomorrow and tag us on Instagram.

until next time, folks.

stay happy and live aastey.