5 ways to celebrate earth day this weekend

hey tribe!

we have all been regularly hearing about climate change and global warming and how it is disrupting our biodiversity and destroying ecosystems. In the face of such drastic reports and declarations, one might feel overwhelmed and powerless to create any actual change. but, when it comes to our environment, every little act makes a difference and lets us stay on the edge for a little while longer.

so, let's celebrate the earth day this weekend with some smaller steps that can lead to a bigger change. here are the 5 things you can do to celebrate the earth day this weekend:

recycle e-waste

growing electronic waste is one of the biggest challenges in reducing pollution. discarded electronics often end up in landfills and increase toxic pollution. India is the third largest generator of e-waste in the entire world right behind China and the United States. the environmental protection agency of the United States has said that electronic waste is the fastest growing source of waste in the world. so, this earth day, get the outdated electronic appliances that are gathering dust in your homes and take it to the nearest e-waste recycling program. organise an e-waste recycle drive in your own community and make a difference.

avoid the car

our cars emit tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and are one of the biggest sources of air pollution. so, this earth day, avoid driving your car for running small errands. instead, think of taking the bus or any other public transport or carpooling with your neighbours. you can even pick up the habit of cycling to be healthy and sustainable.

change your light bulbs

if you are still using compact fluorescents (CFLs), then this is the time to change them to LED light bulbs because they last ten times longer and save a lot of power because they run cooler than other light bulbs and therefore reduce demand on the grid. LED bulbs also have no mercury content which significantly reduces toxic chemicals and pollution once they are disposed of.

start a compost bin

you can start an organic compost bin right in your backyard and utilise the coffee grounds, vegetable scraps and numerous other organic waste that you just throw in the dustbin every day. you just must put all your compostable waste in a bin in the yard where it can decay and transform into rich fertiliser for your garden. the bonus will be that it will be completely free and organic.


if you cannot find the initiative or the motivation to organise it all on your own, then you can sign up with similar organisations and search for a list of earth day activities in your area. it could be a community beach clean-up, a tree planting drive or just an awareness campaign but whatever you do will create an imprint that will stay longer than our transient lives.

there you go guys. this is your chance to do something more and celebrate our earth and our home with love and care.

we hope you have a lot of fun this weekend.

happy earth day!

live sustainable. live aastey.