are you feeling burnt out? here's what you should do

you might be one of those people who really like your job. you take on projects and extra work because it makes you happy. so you are always the first one to say yes, the first one to take on the responsibility. but sooner or later, you start realising that you have begun to hate what you loved. you have begun to feel tired and exhausted at the thought of the next day. the weekends are a blur because you don’t even know how to relax. only thing that is left is the constant state of stress and exhaustion. a feeling like your wires have fried.

if this is something you are feeling day in and day out, then you my friend are experiencing job burnout.

what is job burnout?

like we said, something just doesn’t feel right. even a moment of praise from your boss or a bonus at the end of month feels empty. you don’t feel pleasure or happiness in anything you do. many people slip into depression because they are unable to recognize that they are going through burnout and they need a break to deal with it. some common signs of burnout are lack of attention and sleep, a constant state of restlessness and anxiety, negative feelings like cynicism, emotional and even physical fatigue at times.

this is even worse for chronic workaholics and overachievers because it only feeds their hustle culture mindset. but sooner or later, even overachievers fail and when they do, they take it worse than the rest.

job burnout is a serious problem and can happen with anyone. again a reminder: you don’t have to hate your job to experience burnout. even if you love it, you will slowly start feeling detached and nothing is worse than that.

so here are a few ways, you can address burnout:

get some sleep!

we have a habit of disrupting our sleep cycles with work and deadlines. “just one more hour to finish that ppt” or “just a little more coffee to perfect that excel”. insomnia sets in and soon you will be burnt-out. so don’t let your work cut into your precious sleep hours. if you make the deadline today, you might not be in shape to even work tomorrow. download a mindfulness app or listen to your favourite podcast as you let yourself go into a deep slumber.  

know when to say NO!

pay attention peeps! this one is very important. you might love being at the top of your game but it is important to know when to say no. set some boundaries with your colleagues and create a work-life balance. no phone calls after work hours. switch off your laptop or put your work app on silent. saying no is better than harming yourself in the long run. if your work is good, then you will be appreciated. you do not have to work more to prove your worth. LET IT GO!

socialise outside of your work

don’t ignore that call you got from your college friend because you are busy. take some time out for people who know you outside of your work. people you used to hang out with and know you more than your office colleagues. maybe a coffee date or a movie night with old friends. detach yourself from your work environment then only will you feel excited and refreshed.

here were a few tips from our side because we know how hard it is to keep it together. take a deep breath, close your eyes, and listen to your favourite music. maybe even light up the aastey zen candle for a calmer feeling (had to say it!).

but seriously, take care. click on the minimise button. there is only so much we can do.

until next time, take a break.

live aastey.