5 reasons you should go on a date with yourself

How many times have you decided to go out but cancelled the plan because everyone else in your life is busy? I would guess at least once.

Our busy lives make it very hard to take time for ourselves, and it makes it even harder when we think that going out alone could make you feel even worse.

We all crave company. But sometimes, taking a night out just for yourself can be liberating.

You are thinking, "Why would I go out alone? It will make everyone think that I am pathetic. Or maybe you are thinking, "I already have a partner, so going out alone would be dumb."

Well, no. Single or committed, it doesn’t matter. Taking yourself out and doing your favourite thing is just about one thing: your happiness. So who cares what people think? They are probably wishing they could do the same. As for your partner, they might need a night for themselves too. And if they don’t, your happiness is still the priority.

Still not convinced? Okay then. Here are five reasons why you should try this out once and decide for yourself:

knowing yourself better

We often say that it is difficult to live with others, but as we grow older, it gets more and more difficult to feel connected with who we are. Before we can be in a relationship with someone else, we need to know ourselves and be comfortable with who we are. Sometimes, just accepting yourself is enough to find all the love you need.

Taking yourself out for a drink or a bite can be the perfect time for self-reflection. It can be very intimidating, but if you feel content with just being on your own, you will never need anyone else to make you happy again.

Throw caution to the wind

You can do whatever you want when you take yourself out on a date. You can take an hour to eat your dinner and no one will be asking you to hurry up. You might not have to compromise on which restaurant to go to or what food to order. You can always go to that exhibition or that art gallery that bores your partner.

You can do anything, and isn’t that just the dream?

Relying on yourself

When you are out on your own, there is no one else to hold your hand. You are alone, and you are the only one you can rely on. It allows us to be more present in the moment. Not only that, but it will also make you more confident and independent because you won’t need help to navigate your life. You can do that all on your own.

Explore the world around you

You will always remember that street art on the wall while crossing the road because you were paying more attention. You would choose to go sit in that cute outdoor café that you always pass by and find your favourite drink. It can be peaceful to just sit and watch people go about their lives. The harmony and the pace, the contradictions of this world. To see the magic in the mundane, you truly need to be looking.

You get to wear whatever you want

No more mind-numbing hours spent thinking about what to wear. You are the only one you need to think of. Your comfort and your style No one else gets a say in it.

So, get out there and have some fun. Don’t forget to wear your masks.

Happy dating, live aastey!