5 spring fashion trends to look out for

there is nothing more exciting than a new season with a taste for exciting new trends to explore and discover. as warmth envelops us and the heat wears us done, carefree vibrant hues with bold patterns and designs get a new life. it matches our need to find a moment of breezy calmness or refreshing stillness.

so, let’s look at what spring fashion trends that are stuck in our minds

the Y2K special

the nostalgia for the Y2K fashion persists with is growing louder and bolder with every passing season. bold low-rise bottoms, miniskirt suits and halter tops have broken all trends. this trend has stuck from 2021 and seems like the trend is here to stay for good. if the bold patterns are not enough, style them with multicolour jewellery. don’t hesitate, everything is game.

it’s the vacay time

this spring, we are dying for a moment to escape our realities, find a place where we can enjoy, relax and live aastey (oops! couldn’t resist). yes, one of the spring trends that have stuck with us are the beautiful, airy dresses and crochet tops with colourful prints that work as everyday casual wear but also gives us the perfect summer vacation or staycation look. start planning now!

classics retold

everything from classic oversized trench coats and tailored suits to the evergreen boxy blazers and straight trousers have been reimagined with cleaner lines and colours like hot pink and yellow along with our favourite neutral colours. spice up your office wardrobe or just go for that oversized look.

twee is backkk

jump started with the Y2K mania, we can say that twee fashion is not only back but has become a rage this spring season. for people who are not sure what twee fashion is, let’s think back to the time between 2007 and 2012 when a love for quirky romantic movies, music and fashion was popularised as twee fashion. big glasses, pastel-coloured bikes, and the hot nerd vibe. it’s on people! let’s be nerds again!

party rage with fringes

from jackets to skirts, fringes are everywhere, and we can’t get enough of it. it’s the perfect nonchalant vibe for the spring vibe. dance and twirl for the ultimate party vibe.

what are your favourite fashion trends this spring? tell us @liveaastey and let us know if we missed out anything.

until next time, live bright!

live aastey.