having trouble starting on your journal? here are some ideas for you

collecting journals and never being able to figure out what to do with them is a real thing. let’s be honest. some of us love buying journals and diaries but don’t know what to do with them once we have those beauties in our hands.


sometimes using a journal can be a cathartic exercise, especially if you are going through a bad time or feeling low.

instead of filling the pages of your journal with things that you want in the future, take some time and note down all the moments that have made you happy. 

just like that, you will have a journal that makes you feel a little better when you are feeling low. but always remember that it's okay to feel low. the journal is just there to remind you that bad days are not constant. 

just let yourself go with a pen in your hand and you will see it works wonders. there are things we bury deep inside and would never want to say in front of people, even our closest loved ones. but you know, the journal is a safe space and a great way to understand what you are feeling.

hey, not everything has to be about looking into your soul and feeling better. sometimes, fun is just fun. if you are a foodie, then paint the journal red with all the food you’ve eaten and you are going to eat. your favourite restaurants, your ideal menu, etc. could be the start of a food blogging career! 

there must be something you enjoy if not food; movies, books, your favourite artists... the idea remains the same. 

if you are someone who is committed to write in your journal every day, then right before you go to bed, write about just one best thing that happened today. just one. every night. it could be something with your family, at the office, with your friends, at a random party or when you are alone.

there might be some days, you have to rack your brain to find something good…but when you find it, you will feel better, and that is the best way to end your day.

so let’s hope this gives you starting point to bring out the writer in you. 

take care and live aastey!