Fashion styling or styling in general were alien concepts to me. I didn't know for the longest time that deciding which jacket and muffler goes with your outfit or which headband goes with your summer dresses is basically, styling!

College is when for the first time, I wondered what is fashion styling. 
I was always the one giving styling tips to my friend unknowingly what this means. (Later obviously I learn everything about this- helllooo aastey)

Also, mid 20s and 20s fashion is fun and all, but its only around the 30s or the later half of your 20s women become more confident and are body positive.

It takes us women sometimes a whole decade to get comfortable in our own body (it could be 3 decades for many of us, or never :( ). We compare so much in our early age, that sometimes in our twenties, we forget to enjoy and celebrate our different bodies and styles. 

Here are 3 conscious choices I have made while styling in my thirties
vs back in my twenties

Comfortable Heels

These Dane heels are spot on.
I wouldn't have wore those in my 20s. I should have though!

Common Sense plays a crucial role now
Still remember the time when the high stilettos would hurt but if I was going clubbing, it was a no brainer to wear those. 
This has slightly shifted to a more common sense based decision now. In your thirties, you don't want to have one day of just foot ache after parties. I still go for trends, and would wear heels with dresses sometimes, though shoes are a hit now, but for me the heels choice would be some fun block heels, that don't just give me height but also provide support for my innocent feet. 

jacket love aastey

morphine jacket over everything, YASSS

Comfort comes first, always
While fitted dresses never go out of fashion, gone are days when I would wear a dress by itself. My styling hack to a fitted dress now, is to add a fun layer/jacket, so that when you want to feel comfortable or secretly eat your favorite dinner that can make one feel bloated- all you do is, zip up!

tulle style

Styling 101 = There is no such thing as 'out of fashion'
If Tulle can be styled and is still relevant, I am convinced
nothing goes out of fashion and can be recycled as a new style

Styling means recycling
In my twenties, it was no brainer to do an impulsive purchase to style something. A belt that would go with the new dress, a layer kimono or a jacket and maybe a new pair of earrings was a must with every new outfit.
But now, it is all about sustainability, recycling and exploring the deeper meaning of the word styling. I use what I already have to make a single look more powerful & fun. 

Frankly, there is no difference is my overall style between my twenties and thirties. So this blog is kind of obsolete. But, the real difference is in the mindset. 

I am more comfortable in my own body, I understand the bigger picture, I don't fall for trends if they don't let me breath or hurt my foot.
Also, I don't compromise on my personal style which I consider is based on my moods- I don't have a set style anymore. Some days I am comfortable chic, the other days, my sleeves could account for all the drama! 

I still do impulsive shopping, because hey! twenties or thirties, deep inside, I am still a girl who loves fashion. But I am mostly, living aastey. I am more, me!

live aastey.
stop comparing your twenties to thirties. start living.