how often do you think of different types of socks? probably not quite often, right? while buying cute socks for women, we just look at the designs and not what they are supposed to be paired with. all those smelly feet and cracks are the result of not wearing the right kind of socks. you will be surprised to know that the type, length, and material of the socks matter a lot!

quirky socks which serve your purpose and are paired with the right footwear can completely transform your look! be it a man, woman, or a non-binary person, a pair of socks can actually elevate your style quotient instantly. to look better, avoid cracks and smelly feet as well as prevent the growth of fungi, buying the right ladies socks is very important. here are 13 different types of socks you must know about:

types of socks for women

13 different types of socks for women and how to style them

  1. slip-on socks
  2. ankle length socks
  3. quarter length socks
  4. crew length socks
  5. mid calf length socks
  6. calf length socks
  7. knee length socks
  8. thigh high socks
  9. football socks
  10. winter socks
  11. stockings 
  12. cotton socks
  13. printed socks

1. slip-on socks

slip-on socks are called no-show socks as well as they are barely visible. such socks for women are perfect for those who do not like wearing socks.

slip on socks

  • slip-on socks protect the feet from stinking and also from shoe-bites.
  • they are very thin in texture and create a layer inside your footwear to keep your feet safe and clean.
  • these womens loafer socks are perfect for low-cut shoes, ballerinas, and loafers.

2. ankle-length socks

ankle length socks for ladies are all the rage these days and for all the right reasons. these summer socks for ladies not only look dapper and sophisticated but can also add to your playful style statement.

ankle length socks

  • apart from making you stand out in a crowd, ankle-length socks also keep blisters at bay. 
  • ankle length socks for women are also called low-cut socks as they reach just up to the ankles.
  • you can wear such different types of socks with oxfords, low-cut shoes, boat shoes, as well as loafers.

3. quarter length socks

quarter length socks are everyone’s favourite, irrespective of their gender. they serve a lot of purposes, are versatile and easy to pair, and are extremely comfortable to wear.

quarter length socks

  • quarter-length socks reach slightly above the ankles and hence, are called ‘quarter-length socks’.
  • they not only provide good coverage but also protect the backside of the feet from shoe bites and blisters.
  • while women usually wear quarter-length socks to protect their feet, men often pair them with their suits and blazers for professional or formal events.

4. crew length socks

these are long socks for women which are generally six to eight inches in length.

crew length socks

  • crew-length socks are perfect for protecting your feet from dust as well as cold. they are mostly worn during winter to keep your feet and legs warm.
  • crew-length socks are great to wear with your mountain shoes as they make hiking very easy and fun.
  • these socks go very well with your dress shoes, sneakers, as well as hiking shoes.

5. mid-calf length socks

these ladies socks reach up to the calf muscles but unlike calf-length socks, these ones do not entirely overlap the calves. 

mid calf length socks

  • generally, you will get these socks in woollen fabrics as they are usually worn in winter to keep the legs warm. 
  • mid-calf length socks are also ideal for people who involve in lots of physical activities and sports.
  • apart from wearing them with your winter clothes or sports attire, you can also pair them with your skirts and dresses. mid-calf length socks in net and sheer material look very cute.

  • 6. calf-length socks

    calf-length socks women are of calf length meaning they cover up the calf muscles but stay slightly below the knees. this is what makes them a little different from mid-calf-length socks.

    calf length socks

    • usually, athletes and people who are into sportswear calf-length socks as they give them much-needed protection while playing.
    • apart from sports, people also wear these long socks for covering up their legs in the cold months, during the winter.
    • the best way of styling your calf-length socks is by wearing them with boots. you can of course also wear them with your sports shoes and sneakers too.

    7. knee-length socks

    knee-length socks are one of the most worn and popular socks among all the different types of socks. 

    knee length socks

    • people from all walks of life usually wear these types of socks as part of their uniforms in different fields of hospitality.
    • apart from being a part of a uniform, these socks are also worn by women with their boots in winter to keep their feet warm and feel cosy and fuzzy even in freezing cold.
    • knee-length socks usually work as cushions as well as for adding an extra layer for keeping the feet warm.

    8. thigh high socks

    thigh-high socks go above the knees and can make any outfit more interesting and fun, especially if you buy cute or printed socks.

    thigh high socks for women

    • it was in scotland that the trend of wearing thigh-high socks actually started. scottish people used to wear them all the time with their skirts that reached down to their knees.
    • generally, women pair these socks with their dresses as well as skirts. you can also style them with your shorts and create a very unique attire out of it.
    • although they may not look like summer socks, you can actually wear them in all seasons. just be careful about the fabrics while picking up these socks, depending on the time of the year.

    9. football socks

    as the name suggests, football socks are mainly worn by football players as they protect their feet from injuries, sprains, and stress.

    football socks

    • these socks are designed in such a way that they offer all-around safety to the feet which is very important for footballers.
    • if you are into sports or an athlete, you need to invest in these football socks for sure.
    • football socks and football shoes (cleats) make the best pair for sure. these socks will make all your football practice sessions a lot more convenient and even safer.

    10. winter socks

    we all love staying warm and cosy on a lazy winter afternoon. these cute and fuzzy socks are perfect when you want to just snuggle in your blanket or sip on your cup of hot chocolate while it’s freezing cold outside.

    winter socks

    • these socks look very heavy and thick but are very comfortable to wear.
    • these different types of socks are made of woollen material and are perfect for wearing in winter.
    • as they are very thick, wearing them under any footwear can be difficult. just wear them on their own when you are indoors and you are sorted during the cold months.

    11. stockings

    stockings are every girl’s best friend. they not only look super sexy but also serve a myriad of purposes.


    • if you want to wear a short dress but are scared of the evenings getting windy or chilly, just wear a pair of stockings underneath and you are good to go.
    • if you want to flaunt your favourite dress but do not feel comfortable to show off your skin, stockings are there at your rescue.
    • stockings look wonderful with heels and flats. wear them with your mini skirts, skater dress, or even under your shorts to bring out your adorable side sometimes.

    12. cotton socks

    wearing socks in summer might sound dreadful to a lot of people. that is why most of us own a few pairs of cotton socks at all times.

    cotton socks for women

    • if you are looking for comfort in the hot months but do not want stinky feet, cotton socks for summer will help you.
    • they are a must-have and a wardrobe staple for everyone you know. they are not just comfortable and soft, they also come in a plethora of designs and styles, making them fashionable for you.
    • you can wear them with your sports shoes and show off their cute colours and patterns.

    13. printed socks

    wearing your favourite pair of socks with a cool tee makes for a very chic summer look that all of us live for. people who love their socks love to collect them in fun patterns, prints and designs.

    printed socks for women

    • printed socks can add a nice pop of colour to your drab outfit and you wouldn’t even have to put in much effort in looking stylish.
    • you can make things all the more interesting by mismatching your socks and wearing two socks from different pairs together!
    • funky printed socks for ladies look incredible with sneakers and they always make you look a cut above the rest.

    these are 13 different types of socks that are trending the most these days. if you are planning to buy different types of socks, you must check out aastey’s amazing collection. they have an incredible range of no-show socks, ankle-length socks as well as calf-length socks for you to pick from. 


    1. what type of socks to wear with loafers?

      no-show socks, also known as slip-on socks go best with loafers. pick a neutral colour like white, grey, brown or black socks so that you can wear them in both professional and casual events.

    2. what type of socks to wear with boots?

      knee-length socks and calf-length socks are the best types of socks to pair with boots. if you want to buy good quality knee-length socks for your boots, you must shop from aastey as they have a good range of socks for your needs.

    3. what type of socks are popular?

      ankle-length socks, no-show socks and calf-length socks are popular these days. they look very cool and do their job very well.

    4. what is the most comfortable sock material?

      cotton is the most comfortable, sustainable, and breathable material when it comes to buying socks.