sustainable fashion is not just a massive millennial trend but the future of the fashion industry.  these days, we are seeing a spike in sustainable fashion brands coming up in india and that is great news! from public figures and celebrities to college students and office goers, more and more environmentally-conscious people are opting for ethical fashion. they are moving towards ethical wear options and rightfully so.

aastey is the best sustainable fashion brand in India

even though fast fashion continues to be the rage, people are now talking about its detrimental effects which were previously massively overlooked. if you choose sustainability as your way of life, the top clothing brands offering sustainable fashion would fascinate you for sure. sustainable fashion brands are coming up as a sustainability symbol fighting against the hazards caused by fast fashion brands. to make shopping simpler and more eco-friendly for you.

here are the 12 best rising sustainable fashion brands in india that you must know about:

  1. b label

    bombay hemp company is an agro-based brand which is taking sustainable living in india by storm. they aim to reimagine indian agriculture’s future with their focus on hemp. they have come up with b label, a sustainable clothing brand offering minimalist, clean and everyday wear clothes made of hemp natural fibres.

    b label is moving forward with a humble mission of educating customers about the numerous environmental benefits of hemp through its simplistic collection of minimalist clothing. these fibres are known for being carbon-negative, repelling uv rays, as well as resisting mould and mildew. not only that, the fabric is much more durable and softer than conventional cotton. they are known for replenishing the soil and absorbing a huge quantity of atmospheric carbon in their growth phase.

  1. no nasties

    one of the most famous organic fashion labels in india, no nasties has come up with an array of vegan garments for men and women, made of 100% organic cotton and all-natural herbal dyes. all their apparel is made in their fair trade factory and you can easily find this online fashion brand promoting sustainability. they make all their products in india and have designs that are very minimal as well as size-inclusive.

    a life-cycle third-party analysis platform called green story has been commissioned by no nasties. this platform factors in the material consumption, fabric consumption, and supply chain of every product that the brand makes. this helps no nasties in calculating its carbon footprint. to achieve its ambitious goal of making planet-positive apparel, the brand invests in forest replanting and protection, wind energy, as well as solar power.

  1. aastey

    aastey is one of the fastest-growing and best sustainable fashion brands in india at the moment. keeping in mind the pervasiveness of body image issues, the brand focuses on the four fs of fashion: fabric, function, fit and form. aastey works in collaboration with climes to offer carbon neutrality. climes is a climate-tech enterprise working towards the betterment of the environment.

    aastey is one of the mindful sustainable fashion brands offering sustainable and size-inclusive athleisure wear and products while reducing carbon footprint. their eco-friendly fabrics come together to make fashionable and practical designs.

  1. mixmitti

    with an ambition to combine textile design with a love for wildlife photography, shivangi bajpai has come up with mixmitti. it is a brand offering utility accessories and a plethora of products such as notebooks and backpacks. that is not it! a portion of mixmitti’s profits goes to the preservation of natural habitats and wildlife. their high-end lifestyle accessory items are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and artisans.

    apart from protecting wildlife, mixmitti also works towards creating awareness for life as well as global issues along with developing skills. their endearing aspect is the idea to craft cruelty-free, premium-quality products while offering awareness through photography and images depicted on the products. they are always thriving to create a platform for promoting ethical buying without compromising on fashion.

  1. doodlage

    with innovation and sustainability at its heart, doodlage flaunts exquisite shirts, quirky patchwork jackets, as well as delicate shrugs. it is one of those eco-friendly popular clothing brands that have been a hit among the environment lovers. the brand works with many fabric manufacturers from across the country. doodlage also makes use of its leftover fabric pieces for creating unique, meaningful, and new items.

    the sole mission of doodlage is to transform waste into sustainable fashion. by using deadstock fabric for creating beautiful pieces, the brand is here to change the way you look at ‘patchwork’. their garments have a very fresh and young vibe as their patterns blend and mix together very seamlessly.

  1. wear insom

    wear insom is an upcycled and organic clothing label which offers a guarantee of 100 per cent zero-waste production. their clothes are not only comfortable and stylish but also cater to a bigger, more positive environmental impact.

    they also recycle the surplus, defective, and leftover fabrics from the big organic fabric manufacturing factories and industries for transforming them into fashionable wearables. they work day and night to send no waste back into the landfills. every piece at wear insom is actually a part of recyclable and reusable materials as well as factory surplus. be it their tie and dye prints or recycled pieces of denim, all their products promote sustainable clothing.

  1. mio borsa

    mio borsa is a new delhi-based sustainable fashion brand which is the first in the country for producing vegan leather while merging sustainability with practical and functional accessory designs. mio borsa uses ‘pinnatex’ the pineapple stem extract with plant pu for making eco-friendly leather. their collection of chic bags will lure you into buying them for your workwear closet.

    mio borsa brings a very modern, lightweight and functional take on bags. these bags are very versatile and look fashionable at every time of the day and night. each piece is created while putting a lot of attention to detail. their bags are called “responsible” as they do not harm animals in making their products. they boast of their vegan and sustainable fashion bags that come in sleek and timeless designs.

  1. nicobar

    nicobar is among the high-rising sustainable fashion brands in india making clothing, travel accessories and home décor. they are inspired by the calmness and beauty of the indian ocean and you can see the relaxed island vibes in their products too. you can see the heavy influence of natural materials and designs in their gorgeous stores. their eco-friendly homeware is inspired by tropical aesthetics and their bamboo dresses are a must-buy.

    they have a philosophy of bringing out simplicity through their timeless items designed to last. they use cupro modal, recycled wool, tencel, and organic cotton for creating beautiful clothing options. nicobar collaborates with different and small communities from all over the country for developing merino wool scarves. since the brand’s inception, they have cut down as much as 85 per cent of plastic used in its packaging. they are always looking for new ways of improving their operations.

  1. brown boy

    if you are thinking that sustainable fashion brands in india only cater to women, you are wrong. brown boy is one such sustainable clothing brand that is not only vegan but also organic. moreover, they are into fair-trade practices to offer a wide range of hand-printed t-shirts, yoga pants, sweatshirts, as well as vests. brown boy’s clothing designs have a very cool vibe and offer a nice ethos to boot. their styles are inspired by the contemporary clothing and high-street fashion of europe.

    the brown boy is a fair trade brand which pays its workers better salaries and offers good working conditions and higher stakes in the company. they work towards decreasing their carbon footprints by reducing waste, using eco-friendly materials, implementing simple measures, and recycling. they believe that with too many options, the customers get overwhelmed, and hence, they make pieces that will last you for a long time and are also made in tightly-edited collections.

  1. chakori ethnic

    chakori ethnic, one of the sustainable clothing brands in india, work for bringing the craft traditions and designs of rural india into the mainstream market. you will get their apparel in beautiful desi prints such as dabu, kalamkari, phentiya, hand block, indigo, as well as shibori prints.

    chakori ethnic also works with rural craftsmen and artisans in their venture for creating sustainable and fashionable garments. the brand has beautiful collections of vintage-inspired, rich, classically beautiful and handwoven kurtas, sarees, and a lot more for its customers.

  1. upasana

    upasana aims at creating conscious sustainable fashion while taking care of the environmental impact. their platform, upasana-the conscious fashion hub, is where social workers, students, farmers, designers and environmentalists come together for discussing and finding solutions to the modern social issues of today.

    the brand studies the social issues of the country in close detail and then, works towards them through their projects such as tsunamika. as the name implies, tsunamika is a tsunami-related project that provides livelihood to fisherwomen.

  1. earthy route

    earthy route, a sustainable and conscious clothing brand offers clothes for women and men. they use linen and lyocell fabrics in their range of clothes and these two materials are regarded as the most sustainable fabrics which are currently available to us. lyocell consumes way less water as compared to cotton. it is also a fully biodegradable and compostable material with as much as 99.7% chemical recovery and a closed-loop manufacturing process.

    there is very little use of fertilizers and pesticides to grow trees that are used for producing lyocell. lyocell and linen are also very breathable which makes them perfect for the hot and humid indian climate. earthy route has versatile and timeless designs that are surely going to impress you. they aim at creating a positive impact not only on the environment but also on the fashion industry at large.

these are some of the most popular clothing brands in india working towards slow fashion, sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint while offering you beautiful clothing pieces that you will cherish for years to come. it is high time we shift from fast fashion and move towards sustainable brands promoting slow fashion and a high positive impact on the environment.