10 different types of leggings every girl should know about

since 2020, the post-covid era’s fashion scene is being ruled by super-comfy and practical leggings. perfect for everyday wear, you can pair different types of leggings with almost everything. they are ideal for your workouts and also for your wfh meetings. 

be it rugged leggings or legging type pants, they are sleek, versatile and very comfortable. undoubtedly, they are rapidly becoming a fashion must-have for women across ages and for all the right reasons. if you are wondering which types of leggings you need, here are ten most popular kinds that you need in your wardrobe:

different types of leggings based on length

the indian fashion market is brimming with leggings of all styles and types. you will be surprised to know that there are a lot of different types of leggings in india. if you have only seen women wear full-length leggings, you need to keep reading to know the different lengths.

types of leggings based on length
let’s look at some of leggings on the basis of their varying lengths:

  • ankle-length leggings

    if you are all about combining comfort with style in your outfits, ankle-length leggings are a must-have for you. this type of leggings length is available in an array of vibrant prints and colours.

    these multi-purpose leggings can be worn beneath your kurtis or with your sports bra to create your perfect gym outfit.

    when/where to wear: workouts and casual outings

  • knee-length leggings

    knee-length leggings reach right below the knees and are an excellent choice for wearing in your yoga practices or while hiking. they are very flexible and offer a very well-fitted look.

    these leggings come in unique prints and colours too, making them perfect for varying choices. you can easily pair them up with your tank tops, sports bras, or even casual tees.

    when/where to wear: yoga, travelling, light exercises, etc.

  • capri leggings

    if you are wondering what are the short leggings name, they are the capri leggings. they cover three-fourths of the legs and you can get them in a lot of different fabrics and colours.

    they are perfect for everyday wear, due to their simple and versatile look. baggy t-shirts and trendy tank tops look really good with these types of leggings.

    when/where to wear: college and office

  • mid-calf leggings

    mid-calf leggings are the more commonly used half leggings name and are a fashion essential for sure. you can wear them as a comfortable alternative to churidars or hit the gym sporting these with your tank tops.

    the elasticated waistbands of mid-calf leggings make sure they keep the pants in place while you move around, without leaving pesky marks on your waist area.

    when/where to wear: traditional functions and gyms

  • stirrup leggings

    originally, these types of leggings were worn by the horse-riders for keeping their pants in the right place while riding the horses. these leggings do not move above or over the boots and that makes them perfect for outdoor activities like skiing, horse riding etc.
    now, they are worn not just for performing different activities but also as stylish fashion pieces. they look very elegant if you wear them for your dance performances as well.

    when/where to wear: running, skiing, riding, parties, etc.

different types of leggings based on fabric

now that you know the different legging types on the basis of their lengths, it’s time to jump into the variations as per the fabrics. the variety in materials lets you make a smarter choice while buying leggings for particular purposes or in particular seasons.

Different types of leggings based on fabric
here are some of the most loved types of leggings in india:

  • athleisure leggings

    athleisure leggings are the perfect amalgamation of casual wear with sportswear. such legging types create a stylish, practical and very comfortable clothing option. you can wear them to the gym, for a quick grocery run, or to just relax at home on a sunday afternoon.

    you can also create a plethora of looks with this leggings variety. they are usually made of a blend of spandex and polyester for easy breathability and stretchability.

    when/where to wear: gym, indoors, casual day-outs, etc.
  • faux-leather leggings

    if you want to look classy without putting in much effort, faux-leather leggings will be your fashion bff. they are sexy yet supremely comfortable and you can wear them all year round.

    these legging type pants are made of fake leather. they can make all your boring blouses and dresses fancy if you pair them the right way.

    when/where to wear: parties, clubbing, date nights, etc.

  • footed leggings

    footed leggings are a very interesting leggings variety that you must give a try. they don’t come with an opening at their ends/hems. they will cover your feet too and that explains their name as well. you can use them as a great layering option in winter and wear them underneath your skirts or dresses.

    they are made of very thick material, perfect to keep the cold away. hence, they are not just different in material but also in length, as compared to your regular leggings.

    when/where to wear: in colder months
  • rugged leggings

    made of very thin and smooth material, rugged leggings are printed leggings that give a false look of being rugged. if you want to flaunt that raw and rugged look without wearing those bulky jeans, rugged leggings would be your saviour on any given day.

    apart from being a great stylish option, this legging type is also good when you don’t want too much skin show.

    when/where to wear: college and casual events

  • woolen leggings

    if you think leggings are just for the warmer months of the year, you are wrong. woollen leggings are not just stylish and comfortable to wear, they keep you cosy and toasty throughout the winter months.

    you can use these leggings as an underlayer beneath your pants while hiking in winter. they look wonderful with blazers and oversized sweaters too.

    when/where to wear: hilly regions, and in colder months
when it comes to different types of leggings in india, you will never run out of styles, prints and designs. their huge variety and versatility make them a wardrobe essential, irrespective of your age or clothing choices. leggings are so popular now that you can even get legging type jeans- jeggings or even treggings if you take things up a notch!

no matter what the fabric or length is, all types of leggings are bound to keep you comfortable and serve your styling purpose when bought in the right size. you must invest in a few different types of leggings to upgrade your wardrobe and to be at the top of your fashion game at all times.