the environment is our number one priority

live sustainable is aastey’s dedicated effort to reduce its carbon footprint to protect the environment.

it is a pledge to innovate and create with sustainable and recycled materials.

 our vision is to create a community that prioritises sustainability. by using eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics with cutting edge designs, we want to commit to live sustainable and live aastey. 

our in-house fabrics are durable, breathable and sourced ethically. while some of our fabrics are still not completely sustainable, we are working tirelessly to innovate and explore other sustainable alternatives to bring you the best.  

our vendors have a verifiable certificate of the Global Recycle Standard (GRS 4.0) which is an international, voluntary, and full product standard. it defines parameters to make sure that the content claims made by the vendors are accurate, good working conditions are being practiced while making sure harmful environmental impacts are minimised.

we’re working towards creating a closed loop cycle for all our products and aim to be completely sustainable by 2023.

we have already achieved 30% sustainability as a brand and will keep moving forward for achieving our goal. so join us in our journey to be 100% sustainable and become the ambassadors for change.

building a community


our company recognizes that corporate social responsibility is a great opportunity to create strong ties to build human, social and natural resources. aastey believes in partnering to address social and environment issues so that we can build a better future together.

manas foundation

the year 2020 made all of us realize about the importance and the need of caring for our mental health. aastey is partnering with manas: caring…for a beautiful mind to promote mental health awareness and create a world that values being present in the moment. 

the organization’s vision is “to create and promote inclusive communities and institutions that are mentally healthy, equal and empathetic to all” across different sections of the society. 

manas foundation strives to provide accessible mental health services in partnership with various organizations and institutions. they also have a gender justice programme to create safe and equal spaces for women. 

support them by joining the aastey tribe

waste warriors

aastey believes in showing their commitment to sustainability with their actions and so we are partnering with the incredible waste warriors…reduce, reuse and recycle in an effort to offset our environmental impact
we are continuously striving to reduce our carbon footprint and pledging a percentage of our resources to the waste warriors makes us one step closer to our goals. the organization has set out on a mission to “clean up one mountain at a time” by building sustainable waste management systems and infrastructure.
the waste warriors engage with residential and business communities and create strong partnerships to drive their mission forward across urban and rural forested landscapes.


  be a part of the aastey tribe to help the waste warriors keep our mountains clean. 


aastey corporate social responsibility policy

the corporate social responsibility of our company ties to our commitment to preserve our environment. we are part of an interconnected and vast ecosystem that encompasses different values, people, organizations and nature. it is therefore our responsibility to give back to the world.
aastey believes in creating a space where we can relax, be present. we want to promote a lifestyle of sustainable and healthy living that is in harmony with the nature around us.

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