gender fluid Jacket

Live fluid/ gender fluid jacket 

  • Over sports bra and uplift leggings 
  • White tshirt cargo pants 
  • Black shirt- chinos 

How we’d style it

Workout Glow

Make the streets your runway, throw on the live fluid jacket over your uplift leggings and live bright bra and make heads turn as you make your way to the gym or on your jog. Tie your hair in a high ponytail, with a sweatband on your wrist and some cool sneakers to complete the look.

Casual Chic

Want a more casual look? Put on a classic white t, and some navy blue or khaki green cargo pants, along with a pair of classic old school vans. Add the live fluid jacket for the perfect adventure look. Now you can look fashionable while trekking, sky diving or even bungee jumping

Man up

Just like everything else, you can style up the live fluid jacket for a fancy dinner, by simply pairing it with a crisp black shirt and beige chinos. Add some classic white shoes and look absolutely handsome.