sundry cap

Rs.995 Rs.447 55% off
sundry cap
sundry cap
sundry cap
sundry cap
sundry cap
sundry cap
sundry cap
sundry cap
sundry cap
sundry cap

sundry cap

Rs.995 Rs.447 55% off
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fabric details
100% cotton
product description
● comfortable baseball cap - the sundry baseball cap is made with sustainably sourced cotton twill and offers the perfect fit to everyone. the baseball cap is comfortable to wear so that you can have them on from day to night.

● good quality cotton baseball cap - the cotton adjustable cap for men and women is made of material that is good for the skin and the hair. the good quality soft fabric of this cotton baseball cap will keep you cool and protect you from harsh sunlight and heavy rainfall.

● baseball cap for outdoor activity- The sundry cap is available in two neutral colours - dark blue and black - and will go well with any outdoor outfit.

● stylish snapback cap- he stylish design of the cotton baseball cap gives a chic vibe to your already fabulous outfit. the easy metal clasp at the back makes the baseball cap adjustable so that it can be suitable for women and girls of all ages.
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fit and care
Our cap is made using cotton twill, that is easy to wash and sustainably sourced.

  • Line dry
  • Machine wash at low temperature
  • Do not iron
  • From our customers


    enhances curves!
    its enhances my curves so well!


    absolutely divine!
    love these leggings from the bottom of my heart!


    fancy and comfy!
    really loving this jellybean tank top!


    fits like a charm!
    these sports bras are an absolute must have


    Fabulous fit!
    These leggings are extremely great for my morning run!


    our fabric

    crafted with cotton twill, our sundry caps are easy to wash.

    sustainably sourced to bring you the best.

    can be adjusted to give you the most comfortable fit you need.

    our function

    wear it on a sunny beach day to protect your face from excessive tanning.

    accessorise with the sundry cap to give a chic vibe to your already fabulous outfit

    perfect for gifting to anyone and everyone at any time of the year.

    our style statement

    comes in two neutral colours – black and navy blue– that make sure it will match any outfit you choose to wear.

    get on your joggers and t-shirt with the sundry cap for a comfy day out.

    pair it with a pretty dress and sneakers to elevate your look.

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    Premium quality

    very good quality and looks

    sooorti nagraj
    My best buy

    Hope i never lose it

    Love it!!!!

    Amazing quality

    heena kousar
    Superb product

    Totally worth it!!!

    My new obssession

    I love to wear it everyday


    what caps for women are in style?
    while baseball caps are a huge 2022 trend, they will never go out of style! they are the epitome of effortless style and can be worn in any non-office setting to give your ensemble a more laid-back look.
    what are the three types of caps?
    baseball cap: low crown and snug fit keep cap on head. the baseball cap's adjustable back strap and faux suede material are comfortable, adaptable, and durable.

    bucket hat: they offer maximum protection from cold, sun, and rain. some of them also have chin straps to keep your hat intact when you do outdoor sports or activities.

    tucker cap: trucker caps have a lot of fan-following for those who love a little extra comfort and ventilation in their caps.
    what are the three types of caps?
    cotton is one of the best natural fibres used in making hats. the soft and breathable material makes cotton a darling to hat lovers. besides, cotton is hypoallergenic. with cotton hats, you will never experience skin irritation. cotton is also excellent when it comes to controlling moisture and insulation. their ability to absorb moisture makes it suitable for making the headbands of caps.
    how should a cap fit?
    a well-fitting cap should sit comfortably above your ears with the bill resting in the middle of your forehead. the crown of the cap should top your head, leaving a little space between your head and the cap. you should be able to easily spin the cap around your head to wear it facing forward or backward.