seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)

seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)
seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)
seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)
seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)
seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)
seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)
seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)
seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)
seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)
seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)
seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)
seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)
seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)
seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)

seashore ankle length socks (pack of 3)

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softest cotton blend fabric
ribbed trims for strong grip
ocean-themed graphic prints
multicoloured packs
fabric details
aastey in-house fabric, cottonmelt, the softest cotton blend to warm your feet
product description
● our low cut seashore ankle socks will engulf your feet in a warm dream, like the calm sensation of waves washing over your feet.

● these cotton knit ankle length socks for women are part of our save the waves socks collection - an initiative to spread awareness and motivate people to conserve our resources and protect our oceans.

● designed with the perfect elasticity and arch support, these cotton ankle socks will stay in place, especially if you are showing off your dance moves.

● the print on the ankle socks is high quality and long lasting (follow the care instructions below to prolong them even further). the prints are specifically added to reflect our campaign to protect the oceans.

● “keep the ocean clean, just like your feet” and “0806” is printed on the ankle length socks for spreading awareness to protect our oceans and honour the world ocean day celebrated on 8th of june every year.
shipping information
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● shipping charges for cod and international order are calculated at the time of checkout.
● cash on delivery (cod) can be used as payment method only for orders less than rs. 2499.
use and care
use it for

  • showing off your dance moves
  • rocking a workout session
  • keeping you warm and cosy
  • adding a splash of colour to your outfit
how to take care of your socks for a longer life cycle?

  • do not wash them with your other clothes. this damages the socks’ fabrics.
  • turn the ankle length socks inside out while storing it. this keeps the outside smooth and the print lasts for longer.
  • cold wash the soft cotton ankle socks because hot water can damage the fabric and the elasticity.
  • do not use any harsh chemicals to wash your delicate and soft cotton socks (well, this goes for everything).
  • do not tumble dry them. just squeeze the water out and hang it to dry.
  • instead of rolling your socks, fold them so that it lasts longer and looks better.

From our customers


enhances curves!
its enhances my curves so well!


absolutely divine!
love these leggings from the bottom of my heart!


fancy and comfy!
really loving this jellybean tank top!


fits like a charm!
these sports bras are an absolute must have


Fabulous fit!
These leggings are extremely great for my morning run!


our fabric

introducing, cottonmelt fabric, the softest cotton blend to warm your feet and melt your heart, especially in the winter chills.

only premium and ethically sourced cotton is used in our women’s ankle cotton socks to give you the cosy snug fit you need all day.

the high-definition graphic prints on these cute low ankle socks for women are a call to protect the oceans and #savethewaves from plastic pollution.

the aastey fit

the ankle length of the socks is designed to protect you from blisters and your shoes from sweat so that your feet remain clean and fresh.

there is an additional tab on the back of these ankle socks to prevent chafing.

the material of these women’s ankle socks are perfect for winters and summers as they keep your feet breathable, cool and dry in all seasons.

the seashore ankle length cotton socks for women have reinforced heel and toe to ensure durability and strength. these printed cotton socks for women are crafted with ribbed trims so that you don’t have to worry about slipping while moving.

our function

these cut ankle socks are perfect for your daily workout sessions as well as dance routines that require more floorwork.

style these ankle socks with sneakers and hiking shoes to add more personality to your outfit.

our multicoloured packs of 3 - mermaid socks and aquamarine socks - will come in 6 gorgeous shades of pink, lilac, blue and white that will go extremely well with any outfit you choose.

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It's feel nice!

It's also quite durable, there still no loose string of it.


are ankle and low cut socks the same?
ankle-length socks and low-cut socks are the same. they cover the ankle area and extend up to the ankle bone. these socks can be worn with slip-on or low-cut shoes or booties and help prevent blisters.
what are high ankle socks called?
they are called quarter socks. compared to the shorter low-cut ankle sock, they are on the longer side. a quarter sock is about half the length of a crew sock — if you think of knee socks as 100% leg coverage and crew socks as 50%, quarter socks are 25% — so, a quarter!
what are the different types of sock lengths?
the 8 types of socks are: liner, no show low, no show high, ankle, quarter, crew, mid calf, over the calf
which socks are better: cotton or polyester?
cotton is a natural material that provides great warmth and comfort to your feet. made of natural fibres, cotton socks are known to be breathable and are often favoured to polyester because they’re not man-made. wearing cotton socks during exercise and outdoor activities has been shown to provide great ventilation and ensure you sweat less.