one of the main life lessons we learnt in the year 2020, was that in an instant the entire world and our lives can turn upside down. one day, we’re going to work or to college and the next we’re too afraid to step out of our houses. but even the darkest clouds have a silver lining, people used this time to rediscover themselves and found solace in the simple moments. mindfulness, and gratefulness became the main emotions people tried to focus on. aastey was the byproduct of that.

the core values of aastey are self love, acceptance and being present in every moment, big or small.

the pandemic also turned the fashion world on its feet. the days of in person shopping and wasteful spending are of the past. we have gone from style first to comfort first. this shift in mindset has opened up an arena for athleisure fashion. athletic and leisure wear combined together make an ironic duo, but one that is most essential these days.

unfortunately with the birth of athleisure wear, the problem of size inclusivity becomes glaring. performance wear has always been created to cater a certain body type, perpetuating a negative connotation and acting as a demotivator for so many. this is where, aastey comes in. we at aastey want to change this stereotype and build a community where people feel comfortable in their skin while finding peace and joy in the little things.

our story

aastey, also known as the lockdown baby of our founders jeevika tyagi and kanupriya mundhra, started in 2020. two everyday women worn down by work, surrounded by the grief of a pandemic, realised that they had begun to lose sight of their happy moments. the negatives had begun over shadowing the positives. so to right this, they coined the term, live aastey.

our journey

  • july 2023

    launched our limited edition hype collection

  • june 2023

    getting the recognition we deserve with the best sustainable initiative award for the year 2022 and e4m awards in sustainability and game changer- apparel

  • may 2023

    launched our groundbrealking evergreen leggings in 24 sizes and 3 lenghts

  • april 2023

    launched our first offline live aastey experience

  • march 2023

    launched new podcast season celebrating women in leadership

  • february 2023

    launched our biggest cotton collection with the airport looks + went live on amazon prime

  • january 2023

    aastey goes international with our first popup in dubai

  • 2022 december

    our biggest offline event with 2k+ women running in aastey across three major cities aastey x leap club

  • 2022 sep -oct

    launched eight new products

  • 2022 august

    aastey steps out of mumbai! new office opens in bengaluru

  • 2022 july

    there is no stopping us now as aastey launches its new club collection

  • 2022 june

    aastey transformation is complete with a brand new website , new logo and the first ever brand film launch

  • 2022 may

    we launch the new summer collection that takes us right back to our childhood

  • 2022 april

    beginnings of a new era with a brand new mumbai office

  • 2022 march

    the ever growing team aastey meets in real life for the first time ever

  • 2022 feb

    aastey secure ₹10 crore funding from Kalaari capital

  • 2022 jan

    aastey vibes are ready to take over the world! aastey - starts selling its first collection

  • 2021 dec

    aastey athleisure wear all body types shop india's first size inclusive, sustainable collection

  • 2021 nov

    brand new experience

  • 2021 oct

    co-creation aastey tribe's feedback on products

  • 2021 sep

    product final innovations litmus test aastey tribe grows to 10k

  • 2021 july

    building the aastey army designing our first set of masterpieces meeting manufactures

  • 2021 june

    planet is hurting lets not hurt it more with another another brand aastey becomes sustainable

  • 2021 may

    clothes are meant to fit you body not the other way around aastey creates an ecosystem to offer multiple size, in between sizes multiple lengths

  • 2021 april

    hybrid model to work reduce carbon footprint aastey designs private limited

  • 2021 march

    size inclusive aasteyinnovation begins first time

  • 2021 feb

    be fully present in every moment aastey tribe starts to live aastey

  • 2021 nov

    mindfulness two girls disregards magazine culture

  • 2020 nov

    one makeup does not fit all why should one size fit all? lockdown lack of mindfulness

our mission

our mission is to eliminate all existing biases & stereotypes for women while maintaining a positive impact on the environment.

our vision

is to build an environment full of joy. an environment where all women are treated as equal irrespective of their size, color, age, body type, lifestyle or race. we want to make women feel better everyday, in all spheres of their life.

our values

size inclusive

sizes are just numbers and not a personality trait. regardless of size, everyone deserves to feel confident, loved and beautiful.


being a sustainable fashion brand is non-negotiable. everything from sourcing to manufacturing to packaging is done in the most sustainable manner possible.


we strive to create an environment where people are more in touch with themselves and their surroundings.

our community

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