Natural Face Exfoliants 

Exfoliating is an essential process in your skincare journey, because it removes all the dead cells and dried skin, to make space for brighter, younger-looking skin.

There are two kinds of exfoliants, a chemical exfoliant and a physical exfoliant. A chemical exfoliator uses natural enzymes and acids to rejuvenate your skin. Whereas, physical exfoliants require you to physically scrub and break the skin. 

Let’s look at some exfoliants you can find in your kitchen!

Physical exfoliants:

  • Coffee grounds 
  • Baking soda (small quantities) 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Ground almonds 

Chemical exfoliants 

  • Milk and yoghurt: contain lactic acid 
  • Pineapple: contains vitamin c and citric acid 
  • Crushed Mint Leaves: Contains salicylic acid 
  • Apples: Contains glycolic acid

The perks of using all-natural ingredients, from your kitchen is that you can be assured they won’t harm your skin. However, It is always best to first do a patch test to be on the safer side.