Social media detox

We all have been victims of mindless scrolling on social media. Excessive use of social media leaves us in a restless and anxious mind space. It is not only toxic and depressing but also affects physical health. 

As told in our previous blog social media detox will ensure reduced anxiety. Maybe we are too busy comparing ourselves to someone else's picture-perfect life on social media instead of living our special moments. Amazing things will always happen to you. Make sure to be fully present in the moment and cherish it.

We are here to remind you that social media is a reel highlight and not a reality. There is more beauty in real crevices of the brightest smile than any filtered picture posted on the gram.

get a social media detox


While social media is still a  beautiful place, excess of anything poses a threat to our well-being. It can be quite therapeutic to go off social media for a certain amount of time. You'll find yourself closer to your truest self when you are not constantly influenced by aesthetically moulded frames and opinions.

So, take a break, go off social media, get a much-deserved detox, and live aastey! 

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