It's 2021, and there is no ideal body type. We need to let go of years of programming by the society that has taught us that women need to dress up a certain way or look a certain way. While most pieces of advice for curvy women are given in a good spirit, it is often forgotten that 'rules' like this put an added pressure on women to wear certain kinds of clothes and bid adieu to others.

We don't want that. 

In our previous blog, we have already stated what is the problem with the word 'plus-size fashion.' Today we are here to remind you to wear whatever you want and let your personality shine. 

Come, let's debunk these 'plus-size clothing' myths with aastey.

Stack it with black

Anybody who tells you to stack your wardrobe only with black might be a little (just a little) dim-witted. I said what I said! 

You do you girl! Wear bubblegum pink, pearl white, or I don't know, maybe celery green?! Wear your favourite colour and let your personality shine.

Crop top is a flop

In all honesty, this plus-size clothing 'tip' has been said so many times, that it seems a complete hocus pocus at the moment. 

I will say no more and let Paloma Elsesser's chic outfit do the talking instead.

Paloma Elsesser's chic outfit paired with a crop top
image credit: @palomija


Horizontal stripes are mistypes

If someone tells you to wipe the horizontal stripe, give them your brightest smile and ask them to hasta la vista. If you are comfortable in your own skin, pay no heed to this plus-size fashion 'tip.' You can wear whatever you want without caring about creating an illusion of a slimmer body. You will look gorgeous either way.

Can't befriend the trend

Nope, not true!

You can follow whatever fashion trend you want. If you wish to hop on a trend that speaks to your personal style, do it. If you desire to experiment with new trends, do it. 

plus size clothing myths


Bid adios to bikinis

As said in our previous blog, every body is a bikini body. You want to wear a bikini you wear a bikini. 

aastey wants women to feel a 100% themselves. We are a size inclusive athleisure brand that wants to remind you that you can wear whatever you want. Live aastey! 

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