a guide to what not to wear for your gym

you don't have to wear different clothes for every occasion, be it a date in a park, lounging on a sofa or when you are ready for an intense workout session.

but whether you go to the gym twice a week or every day, a good outfit looks and makes you feel good, while it improves performance as well.  

if you choose the right clothes, you will be able to protect your skin, sweat less and make your movements precise and smooth.

so, let’s see what all you should leave behind while getting ready for the gym.

don’t be transparent

we all know those leggings that eventually start looking like a see-through rag after multiple washes. While working out, cheaper fabrics get thinner over time and will make you uncomfortable while working out. 

instead, try a pair of uplift leggings, made with comfortable stretchable fabric that will allow you to breathe while doing your squat sets.

old is not gold

if you're wearing your old sneakers to the gym, then you might not be making the most of your time there. a good set of shoes will help you have more speed and balance. new shoes with the right fit can lessen any chances of injuries as well as they protect your foot from heavy impact landings 

incorrect sports bras

at least 80% of women wear the incorrect size of bra, and sports bras are no exception. with frequent use, sports bras could stretch out and not give the support needed during your workout session.

here are a few tips on how to find your perfect fit.

cotton is not the best choice

we all love to wear comfy cotton tees, but the gym might not be the right fit for them. 100% cotton fabric can absorb all your sweat but it is not moisture-wicking. the sweat just hangs on your clothes and will make you uncomfortable in no time. so, check that into the ‘no pile’ please. instead wear clothes that have blends of fabrics like polyester, nylon, rayon and spandex.

fit is everything

clothes that are either too tight or too loose will not let you be fully present in the moment. if your clothes are too tight, it will restrict your movement, and if they are too baggy, they will hide your movements. if your clothes hide you, how will your trainer guide you through your session?

accessories and makeup

any jewellery to the gym is a big no-no. if you can’t step out of your house without accessorizing, just put them back on after your workout. you can have it in your bag for a dinner/coffee date right afterwards, but don’t injure yourself or others by wearing it in the gym.

you will also have to steer clear of any makeup before your session because, well, that foundation is going to run right into your eyes when you start sweating.

aastey strives to create a community where you can find the best for you to be comfortable and flexible. it is a size-inclusive athleisure brand that wants to build a space where you can find a combination of performance and comfort.

live comfortably! live aastey!