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stress relieving


soy wax vegan

lavender scented

● vegan soy candle

● beautiful glass casing candle

● scented candle

● this classic lavender scented soy wax candle has been crafted for a calm mindful living. with its minimalist tones, the sweet comforting aroma will engulf you in a cocoon of warmth and take you to your happy place.

● the beautifully packaged fragrance candle gift set is perfect for home decoration and gifting.

● the scent, the vibe, the colour and the feel of the home decor candles is perfect for gifting on any special occasion to your best friends or partners like valentine's day, birthdays, or anniversaries.

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ideal for

  • self-care
  • gifting
  • home decoration

    how to make sure your candle lasts longer?

    burn it for at least an hour the first time- when you light the lilac garden scented candle for the first time, allow it to burn till there is a complete pool of melted wax across the whole glass container, from rim to rim. if you do not practise this then the next time you light the candle, the wax pool will tunnel down and the candle won’t last for long.

    trim the wick - keep the wicks clean and trimmed to avoid uneven burning so that a nice bright flame can keep you warm

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    ayesha k.
    The best part: ITS VEGAN

    Its the best vegan and cruelty free candle

    Amazing fragrance

    I'm really happy with this product. The lavender scent is amazing!

    Must have

    Would 100% recommended this product!

    Fantastic fragrance

    smells really good, happy with the product.

    The fragrance is amazing

    The aroma of lilac candles uplift my the environment, perfect for my morning routines


    scented candles can be very useful to improve your sleep quality and solve your persistent sleep problems. it provides warmth, a sense of comfort and makes you sleep like a baby. our lilac garden candle elevates your mood and transforms your space into a tranquil heaven!

    candles should generally burn for no more than four hours and should cool for at least two hours before being relit. you should always use long matches or a long-reach lighter to light a candle.

    you should cover the candle immediately with a lid to prevent dust and dirt from getting on the wax and wick.

    scented candles create a cosy and warm ambiance and make you feel cushioned and rejuvenated! they add fragrance and positive vibes to your space and are considered to be real mood-boosters. pleasant aromas can help to relieve stress and to ease your anxiety and worries. scented candles can be used for much more than just lighting. they can genuinely lift everyone's spirits and make them feel good!