eclipse water bottle

eclipse water bottle
eclipse water bottle
eclipse water bottle
eclipse water bottle
eclipse water bottle
eclipse water bottle
eclipse water bottle
eclipse water bottle
eclipse water bottle
eclipse water bottle

eclipse water bottle

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leak proof

stainless steel

easy to carry

ergonomic grip

● stainless steel

● stainless steel - this 1 litre water bottle is crafted with stainless steel to be your perfect companion for your infinite journeys. the premium water bottles are odour free and non toxic.

● reusable water bottle - the stainless steel water bottle is designed to give you chemical free and odour free unlimited refills on the go. show you care about your choices and choose the sustainable stainless steel bottles.

● easy to carry - the steel water bottle comes with the perfect lid that is easy to carry and easy to open because of its precision grip design.

● stylish sleek colours - the portable water bottles come in two sleek shades - midnight black and luna white - that will go well with any travel, office or gym outfit.

● leak proof - the 1 litre water bottles are sealed properly with a well designed lid which makes it completely leak proof even when its shaken.

● lightweight - the bottle is specifically designed to be lightweight so that it is easy to carry on your weekend travel.

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material and care

the environment is our number one priority. hence, our eclipse water bottles are crafted with stainless steel so you can have unlimited refills on the move.

the easiest way to clean your stainless steel water bottle is to fill it halfway with water with a few drops of liquid dish soap. shake the bottle vigorously for several seconds. and then empty its contents.

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stainless steel water bottle
aastey bottle

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stainless steel water bottle

Customer Reviews

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The quality is very good

the bottle has amazing feel and quality

Superb bottle

I carry it literally everywhere i go

Amazing buy

I love the color and design


love it

Latisha N.

The bottle is amazing. Great quality and really sturdy.


the best alternative to plastic bottles is a food-grade stainless steel water bottle because it doesn't contain the harmful chemicals that plastic does and it won't leach chemicals, even if you fill it with hot beverages.

stainless steel doesn't leave any taste when any other drink is poured, unlike plastic reusable bottles which retain the taste. our eclipse water bottle is the finest alternative to plastic bottles.

stainless steel water bottles are versatile when it comes to temperature but there are some drinks that you should not put in them. three of those drinks are lemonade, hot tea, and hot milk. these drinks can either damage your water bottle or cause bacterial buildup inside.

when it comes to keeping water cold in the fridge, nothing beats a stainless steel water bottle for reliability and durability. but avoid putting it in the freezer since the extreme low temperature can cause damage, like dents, on the surface of your water bottle.