Over the years, television has given us so much, from non stop entertainment, to uncontrollable tears. What it also gave us are icons to look at, friendships we craved and fashion we didn't know we needed. 

Let's look at some iconic friendships and they're even more iconic fashion styles. 

You'd be lying if you said Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe didn't come to mind when you think of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Three unique personalities with varying tastes in clothing, but still fit together like jigsaw pieces. 

Rachel made us fall in love with classic denims with her effortless charm and beauty, Monica taught us the importance of slip dresses and camisoles, and Phoebe, I'm sure, would be a live aastey spokesperson with her eclectic yet chic style. In a friendship unlike any other, these three characters manage to live and look their best selves. 

Another duo, however slightly more dysfunctional, would be Gossip Girls’ Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der woodsen. No friendship has stood the test of time like theirs. They've been through scandals, breakups, car crashes and weddings all while oozing glamour. Blair, with her signature headband and her preppy sundresses, gave us an insight into her more uptight approach to life, while Serena's countless cocktail dresses, untucked shirts and haphazard but stylish wardrobe mirrored her carefree spirit and attitude. This candid depiction of the ups and downs of friendship helped them become fashion icons and #bffgoals for an entire generation.

One can not talk about fashion, friends and TV and not mention Queer Eye. A group of best friends who go around bettering people's lives. While each member of the group has a specific role, they all have very distinct looks, with fashionistas Tan France and Jonathan Van Ness taking the cake. (side note: I'm convinced Tan France has a magical oracle texting him the latest trends.) Jonathan Van Ness is the poster boy for being unapologetically himself, and his fashion reflects this, with sky-high heels and flowy skirts. 


The latest additions to our fictional universe are Jane, Sutton and Kat from The Bold Type. We've all seen ourselves in at least one of these characters, whether it’s Kat's tenacity, Sutton's go-getter attitude or Jane's kind heart. One could guess these characteristics, just by how these characters dress. Kat with her vibrant pant suits, Suttons trendy pastel pant suits and Jane's modest yet beautiful dresses. It feels fitting that some of the most crucial moments in their friendship are experienced in the fashion closet.

No matter the outfits, the bonds these characters created with one another and then with us were the most beautiful things, because bonds between best friends never go out of style. 

Happy Best Friends Day : )