What you need to be gym ready [and actually show up to the gym]

Ever wanted to work out but find an excuse not to because you don’t have the right equipment? Or you don’t know what to wear? We’re here to help you get rid of all these excuses with our list of gym essentials every beginner needs!

1. Proper Clothing

Exercising requires a lot of movement, which is not possible in our everyday clothes. Jeans for a split? Probably not a good idea. Working out often ends in you becoming a sweaty mess, again not something normal clothes are equipped for. This is where workout clothing and athleisure wear come in. The first thing to purchase would be a good supportive sports bra and a pair of sweat-wicking leggings. The fabric needs to be breathable but also well-fitting.  An outfit can set the mood for a kickass workout

2. Shoes 

A productive workout needs a durable pair of shoes. They help maintain the shape of your feet and prevent any injuries. Your sneakers need to be shock absorbent, well-fitting and if they’re cute, it’s always a plus.

Gym essentials, including blue yoga mat, grey sports bra, black tights, and dumbbells

3. Mat 

If you’re working out at home, you will need a yoga mat. The yoga mat will make sure you don’t hurt yourself, especially during those floor exercises. A good yoga mat is thickish in nature and, most importantly, anti-slip. 


4. Weights 

Although not necessary for beginners, weight training is a great way to both lose fat and gain muscles. It increases your stamina and strength. We recommend starting off with lighter weights and gradually increasing. 

We’ve got you covered on all of your workout essentials and if you need some easy at-home workouts, check out our workouts for fun blog. 

Work out because you enjoy it, not because you feel forced to do it. Exercise for fun and you’ll see incredible results. The point is to just get that body moving and to love every minute of it! To know the benefits of exercising, go through our Techniques to easy anxiety blog

Start exercising and live aastey!