Shows that are all about the live aastey attitude

Live aastey is sometimes about creating those simple moments of joy and peace and finding solace and happiness in the mundane. Quite often, when our realities get overwhelming, we seek an escape in the world of fiction. We imagine ourselves living the life of Blair Waldorf in New York City, or being part of a bank heist like in Casa Da Papel. 

However, there are a few shows that just bring a smile to our faces no matter the circumstances. These characters lived aastey, even before the term was coined. 


    A classic, a timeless tale that will live on forever. Whether it was Rachel, running away from the altar and making it in the real world, or Phoebe, always finding joy in the littlest of things despite a not so great past. It’s so much more than 6 friends who lived in the city that never sleeps.

    2. New girl

    Imagine this: you’ve just broken up with your douchebag boyfriend and need a place to live stat. So you hop onto Craigslist, find an apartment with three guys and move in. Kind of unimaginable, right? Well, that’s exactly what Jess did. A character full of love and light, she can make anyone look at the glass half full instead of empty. 

    3. Brookly 99

    Brooklyn?? 99!! If you get that, we can be besties, no doubt. A show where nothing and nobody is taken seriously, yet goons and thieves and murderers are caught and brought to justice. 

    a laptop with Netflix shows which teach us how to live aastey

    4. Normal people 

    This show is nothing like the ones described above. It does not leave you grinning like a Cheshire cat, but it leaves you in complete and utter awe. Based on the book by Salley Rooney, this show is as real as it gets. There’s no excessive drama. It conveys the simplistic joys of life and how different phases of life bring so many changes to your social circle and your personality, yet one can find both joy and peace in every one of these phases. 

    Yes, if it wasn’t already clear, Normal People holds a special place in my heart and I implore all of you to watch it. 

    Shows like the ones listed above are necessary because they remind us to not take life so seriously. To take every day as it comes and to live it with happiness. 

    Live aastey