It’s almost hard to imagine a time where we are we are not living in the “new normal” with lockdowns, sanitizer and face-masks. But in between, being stuck at home, the social media scrolling and netflixing the friends reunion; are a lot of missed moments of joy. There are neglected moments that we can all try to acknowledge and celebrate, here are some of mine.


love aastey

1. Watching some glorious Bombay sunsets 

2.The 10 minutes after a workout when endorphins embrace you 

3. When your shower playlist matches the mood (best start to the day)

4. Perpetual war over who gets the last piece of pizza / cake 

5. When the breeze from the window finds the perfect angle 

6. Positive quotes on instagram that actually hit right

7.  Sharing a meal over some great conversation 

8. Self learning how to bake some pretty great focaccia

9. Lazy Sunday post lunch naps 

10. Last but most important - when your pet comes over for cuddles and treats

But eventually we are optimistic hopefuls dreaming of a new dawn where there is an even newer normal post covid19 and we can start enjoying the experiences we have been deprived of for so long. (maybe even in time for summer 2021) 

Think positive. live aastey.