Our small business journey

Starting a small business might seem super glamorous on the outside but really is a labour of love. While we had the business plan and idea for aastey a while ago it has required us to really wake up and fight everyday for what we believe in, against all odds, including covid19, we finally feel like our small business ideas are coming into fruition. And that is the only true joy for any startup entrepreneur. 

We have already articulated "what is aastey" in our previous blogs and discussed a bunch of business beliefs like size inclusivity, sustainability and mindfulness through previous blogs. The way we discovered the essence of aastey was really through us wanting a movement like live aastey in the athleisure and active wear space, accountability and responsibility have been missing from the fast fashion space for a while now and we are here to bring it back! 

aastey small business journey

So while figuring out things like logistics, payment gateways and reels may not exactly bring joy into our lives we still remain just as passionate about the bigger picture as we were on day 1. And every little day adds up, we went from 2 people writing blogs to a team that now produces content daily. There's even more exciting stuff happening which will all be revealed in a matter of weeks so - keep watching this space! 

When this business idea first emerged, the toughest people to convince were probably us, because we were the biggest demons, but over time we came to truly believe that it's meant to be and nothing will really stop us from building aastey as we also live aastey.