As women we are always multi-tasking which leads to us constantly living in the future. We make to-do lists in our heads before falling asleep, carry multiple outfits around, and think about our next meal. Therefore we are never able to enjoy any moment in our lives. 

love aastey
As women we want to and we can do it all!  

Its meaning
The meaning of aastey in Sanskrit is “to be” and colloquially in India we use to symbolize “to be at peace” // “to take things easy”. This is what aastey wants to celebrate! Women should be able to unabashedly enjoy being comfortable with our chosen lifestyles and bodies. We want to feel confident and secure about how we look and what we choose to do with our time. 

 loveaastey like this 'venus' women - just be a 100% present in every moment. live aastey. 
stop comparing different moments, people, brands, lifestyles. start living. 

Its practice
live aastey is a movement to celebrate the moments where women feel that they are a 100% present and comfortable.

be fully present in every moment🌈
It is practiced when you feel like you are a 100% you!
This could be anything: a morning mediation,  creating a kick ass presentation at work, a great run but also just having a chill session on the couch with Netflix and some chips. No guilt, no resentment just total unapologetic acceptance. 
A completely non capitalised movement. 
stop comparing. start living. 


live aastey

As women, when we flow from task to task, what we struggle with is finding the right products to support us and therefore often have to break this flow. We are even stuck to the point that we need a different outfit for each activity of the day - gym, work and going out / parties!  

At aastey
This is the first problem team aastey hopes to tackle - we want to create products that flow with women in their chosen lifestyles. Allowing us to do it all, because guess what? 

We can!