lets recognize the petite plus size

can you be petite and plus size?

the answer is simple. yes, yes, and yes again

there are people you will hear say “doesn’t petite mean small, slim and fragile”? weeeell. no, petite doesn’t only mean small sizes in the strict fashion clothing terms.

they are just sizes for shorter women. so you better not believe that all plus sized women are tall.

just like tall women, shorter women come in all shapes and sizes. and so by extension, petite plus size does exist and can be very hard to find.

why the misconception?

the word petite is a french word that means small. so most people think that petite means fit-in-the-pocket small. but women of this height who wear plus size clothes are ignored to the point that we have to write this article to say it even exists.

maybe we need to come up with a different word to differentiate slim and small.

brands be like, you can’t be both

Many straight petite brands do not offer plus sizes as if women can either be small or plus size. 

that is a strange expectation.

the tailoring nightmare

if you come anywhere in the petite plus size category, then you will have to tailor almost everything, especially those pants. might as well wear it as a dress.

Different brands. Different sizes

you might have to try different sizes from different brands to get your fit. but, while it's good to try sizes in store, this becomes all the more difficult when buying clothes online

while the size inclusive movement is becoming mainstream, there are still many petite women struggling to find plus size clothes because of their height. and this trend needs to change

aastey is an athleisure brand that is set out to be size inclusive and gender inclusive without any categorisations as plus size or petite. all sizes will be universal standards. the aastey live gender fluid jacket has a trendy cropped version as well as and our uplift leggings which are available in a 7/8th length because at aastey, no one is allowed to feel left out

live aastey and be who you want to be!