Is neon back in fashion in 2021

Do you remember 2010-2012 when neon colours took the world by storm? Well, it looks like we’re fast approaching another similar season. Anybody who has watched 13 Going on 30, knows that neon trends are not a new phenomenon. They’ve been around since the ’80s and, as we mentioned in our ‘blog on y2k fashion’, fashion trends never stay away for too long. 

2021’s neon trend was marked by the launch of Good Americans' neon swimwear line, Balenciaga’s resort collection and Skim's neon collection. The face of 2021 neon fashion has to be models like Hailey Bieber, Ashley Graham, Bella Hadid, and, of course, actress Zendaya. It all basically boils down to one question: should you and I attempt to hop onto this bandwagon or should we leave it to the red carpets and the ramps at fashion week?

is neon back in fashion in 2021

There are two ways to participate. You either dip a toe in or dive into the deep end. If you want to make a statement, I suggest option two. A neon pantsuit, though it might seem like a lot at first, will definitely leave an impression on every passer-by’s mind. Bright tracksuits are all the rage at the moment as well! 

The other option is to take it slow. Maybe a neon bucket hat with an all-black outfit, or a neo shoulder bag. Neon heels are something even goth souls can try!   

Neon fashion is either an extreme hit or an extreme miss. There isn’t any in-between. If it’s for you, make your mark and splash the world with your colourful personality and clothes. If not, come sit this one out. I know I just might.