We’re all focused on being perfect. Being the ideal daughter, wife, husband, student, etc. so much so, people find the need to dress and to look a certain way as well. While men feel this pressure too, women have always felt it at stronger intensity. However, I am here to tell you there is no ideal body type. Over the years, the ideal body type for women has been under constant change. What was considered perfect in one era, was not in another. 

Let’s look at the ideal body shapes over history:

Ancient Egypt 

Although one of the oldest civilizations, ancient Egyptians were very inclusive and open-minded. Women were held in high regard, pre-marital sex was accepted, women were encouraged to be independent. The ideal body type for women was tall, slender with symmetrical faces. 

Ancient Greece and China 

Both these ancient civilizations favored pale women. However, the ideal Greek woman was voluptuous as compared to the ideal Chinese woman who had small feet and a skinny waist. Another point of difference is the status of women. Greeks considered women lesser than men in many ways.

Victorian England and the Italian Renaissance 

Full figures, with ample bosoms and rounded stomachs, characterized women of this era. The difference between the two eras was the rise of corsets during Victorian England, hence cinched waists were ideal. 

Roaring twenties 

This time period saw countless parties and flapper dresses. The ideal body shape was a tall, flat-chested woman with boyish figures. Most women also had short bob hairstyles to accommodate all the hair accessories. 

There were many more eras as well, leading up to today’s ideal body type where we see both models like Kendall Jenner, who is skinny and tall, as well as Kim Kardashian, with her cinched waist but the wide bottom. The possibility of two completely opposite body types goes to show some degree of inclusivity, but millions of girls still hold themselves up to these unrealistic body standards. 

ideal female body types through history

There is no ideal body type. 

Something that is constantly changing can not be considered ideal. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and when you look in the mirror the next time, look at yourself with love and pride, because you may have a skinny waist, or a voluptuous figure, or a flat body, but at some point in time you were the ideal and still are if you just believe it. 

Stop comparing. Live aastey.