How to have the perfect self care evening

Before we deep dive into self-care tips and ideas, let’s establish that self-care does not equal being selfish. Self-care can be in many forms, topical and emotional. Emotional self-care can be saying no to someone, having a good cry, ranting and venting. 

Today we’re going to design the perfect self-care evening for you. 

1. Set the mood 

Your mood reflects your surroundings so a calm positive environment can lift up your mood instantly. To set it up, clear any clutter, light a few scented candles and put on your favourite playlist. 

2. Get comfy 

Change into a comfy pair of pajamas, get your hair up in a hairband or scrunchy and get ready for a relaxing evening. 

3. Mask up 

The best and foolproof way for self-care is masking, and no not the covid masking, we’re talking about face masks and hair masks. Check out our “4 step-at-home facial”  blog to make your own masks from ingredients in your kitchen. 

4. Enter Fantasy world

After you’ve masked your way into the night, grab a bowl of popcorn and some snacks, get out your laptop and drift off into the world of vampires, high school hotties or if paranormal is your cup of tea then some ghosts are calling your name! 

perfect self care day

After an evening of relaxation, the only thing left to do is fall into a deep sleep and wake up rejuvenated like never before to conquer yet another day. Sometimes it’s okay and necessary to take a day off and put yourself first. These are the live aastey moments we hope to see people create. Moments that bring them peace but are also so much fun.